Sigfox Creates Global Connectivity Solutions

Sigfox deploys a low-bandwidth dedicated network that is already present in 45 countries as a way to create a global, simple, low-cost and low-power connectivity solutions. As billions of objects worldwide will be connected to the Internet; their data will be stored in the cloud and Sigfox wants to participate in the digitalization of this environment.

The company was founded in 2010 and is a recognized global pioneer and leader in a sector that is already disrupting business models and aims to transform all of society. The ambition of Sigfox is embodied in their slogan “Make Things Come Alive.”

A slogan that Asgardia can appreciate as they strive to make the world beyond Earth come alive for everyone.

Sigfox wants to give a voice to the physical world around us and allow these billions of objects to play a role in economic and social development.

The company aims to solve three problems that currently stand in the way of the proliferation of IoT:

1. Planetary network – Sigfox delivers the network and the protocols needed to let an object share its data from anywhere on the planet.

2. Going beyond battery – Sigfox makes sensors function without the need for batteries, which will remove the need for maintenance. As of now, multiples sources of energy in the physical world can cause energy-harvesting, including solar, wind and electromagnetic waves. The simplicity of Sigfox’s technology means that the company can offer the best possible user experience and lowest maintenance costs, and one day eliminates the need for batteries for in many cases.

3. Reduce the silicon – The cost and complexity of silicon needed to connect objects should be drastically reduced. Thus, Sigfox’s simple technology enables this. Presently, a SIM card module often costs up to $40, but a module on their network can cost as little as a few dollars – at this cost, you can economically connect virtually anything.

Technology Overview

Sigfox is introducing the first global IoT network to listen to billions of objects broadcasting data, without the need to establish and maintain network connections. This is a unique approach in the world of wireless connectivity because there is no signalling overhead and it is a compact and optimized protocol where objects are not attached to the network.

Sigfox provides a software-based communications solution, where all the network and computing complexity is managed in the Cloud, instead of on the devices. When combined, it drastically reduces energy consumption and the costs associated with connected devices.

The company has designed their technology and network to meet the requirements of mass IoT applications; long device battery life-cycle, low device cost, low connectivity fee, high network capacity, and long range.

Products include:

  • Ultra Narrow Band radio modulation
  • Lightweight protocol
  • Small payload
  • Star network architecture
  • Uplink connectivity
  • Downlink connectivity

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