Artificial Intelligence Will Create More Jobs Than it Eliminates

In many Op-Ed articles and on LinkedIn Walls we often see the doom and gloom of artificial intelligence (AI) taking over our jobs.

From phrases like “By 2022, half of the human workforce will be wiped out.” or “Robotics and machinery will take over.” It’s hard not to be scared.

However, are these statements actually credible? And how will automation and AI really affect human labour?

This is an important question for Asgardia to answer as AI technology will be used to help build the future space nation.

According to the World Economic Forum’s report “The Future of Jobs 2018”, which was published in September, humans will perform 58% of the task hours by 2022, while machines will perform 42%.

So will AI destroy jobs? Yes, it will! But, it’s okay because AI will actually create more jobs than it takes over.

For example, the Gartner predicts that in the future AI will be the driving force behind the creation of a staggering 2.3M jobs while only getting rid of 1.8M jobs.

What’s more, the latest report on the future of jobs by WEF reveals that 59% of employers believe that, by 2022, they will profoundly change the way they manufacture and distribute their products and services by changing the composition of their value chain.

The same report also stated that businesses would scale by leaps and bounds within the four-year period of 2018 to 2022. Why? Due to these five elements:

-High-speed mobile internet
-Artificial Intelligence
-Widespread adoption of big data
-Cloud technology

Thus, we see that AI won’t only take over our jobs but actually transform business and consumerism as we know it. Of course, this will replace some jobs, but it will also lead to a demand for new skills and individuals who possess these skills.

Although Artificial Intelligence is a smart technology, it still requires inputs and efforts from a human for it to function correctly. The copious need for developers, product designers, AI-strategists, etc. will only result in a positive wave in the job market.

The inexpensive technology will be incorporated into products (thanks to the Internet of Things) before they are created. So those who are worried about losing their jobs only need to specialize and upgrade their skills.

For those who haven’t yet entered the job market or who are looking for a change of career, it makes the most sense to start thinking of careers influenced by emerging technologies.

As a student, it’s a good idea to look into AI and data science courses, although anyone can access these courses from an institution or online.

Multi-national companies, like Google, Apple, and Microsoft, and organizations, such as NIPS, Re-Work, O’Reilly, or Gartner are making concerted efforts to help individuals keep in touch with the latest developments through seminars and conferences which are mostly available by live-stream.

So, even though AI can be intimidating, there is no reason to believe it will take over all jobs leaving humans with nothing to do. It merely requires a little time and effort, but isn’t that like all professions?

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