Asgardia Elections: What’s next?

If you hadn’t heard, Asgardia just reached the end of its first election that saw rise to passionate debates, inspirational platforms and innovative solutions to some of the biggest problems facing the nation.

The final voting period of the election is now closed and we’re on the cusp of making history and putting together our first ever Parliament and while there may have been some bumps along the way and some valuable lessons learnt, we’ve achieved something truly amazing.

What’s next?

Now that all the votes are in, there are still a few steps that will be required before our first parliament is fully formed and the process is expected to be concluded around the 31st of March 2018 (06 April 0002).

Asgardia is taking the election process seriously and not only will the votes be counted by the Counting Commission, who will check the voting logfiles, but to further help ensure that all the votes that candidates have were gained fairly and legitimately, several independent companies have also been asked to analyse the votes.

Once each of the votes have been verified, candidates who met the requirements (including the mandatory donation) will be contacted individually and informed of their successful election and formally invited to an event in Vienna which will be the first meeting of Asgardian Parliament.

The event in Vienna is expected to be expenses paid to enable as many of the newly elected members of Parliament to attend as possible and will be attended by both press and other prominent figures with an interest in the space nation.

Once this event (which is expected to last several days) has concluded we will have the first Asgardian Parliament and it will be time for them to return home and start getting to work on building the nation, picking a government and putting laws into place.

Got questions?

If you want to know more about the elections or the election process, drop an eMail to


Post by Ross Cheeseright 



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