Inauguration of the Leader of the First Space Nation: Asgardia

15 hours ago

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE   The First Space Nation to Inaugurate Leader at the Hofburg, Vienna this June   Vienna, Austria — May 25, 2018 – Asgardia, the Space Nation, will inaugurate its first Head of Nation at the Hofburg Palace

Special Auction to Attend the Inauguration of Asgardia’s First Head of Nation!

2 days ago

Dear Asgardians, Every day from 23 May to 23 June, you’re invited to take part in an electronic auction. Every day, one ticket for the Head of National inauguration ceremony will be given away. Don’t miss the chance to participate in

Tickets to Asgardia’s first Inauguration go up for Auction.

2 days ago

A fantastic opportunity to attend a once-in-a-lifetime event has arisen in the first space Nation. On the 25th of June 2018, an exclusive event will be held at the Hofburg palace in Vienna to inaugurate Asgardia’s first Head of Nation,

Press Release: Auction to Attend the Inauguration of Asgardia

2 days ago

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Special Auction to Witness History: A Chance to Attend the Inauguration of the First Space Nation Vienna, Austria — May 24, 2018 – A select number of tickets are being made available to attend the inauguration of

Sexuality & Gender Equality in Asgardia

3 weeks ago

As the first space nation, Asgardia stands as the vanguard for humanity’s first foray into creating a civilization among the stars. Asgardia stands for unity and we welcome everyone, from any country and background. It’s written directly into the Asgardia

Now Recruiting: Asgardia Moderators

3 weeks ago

Are you ready to step up and take an active role in the Asgardia community? Asgardia is now accepting applicants to join the volunteer moderator team. Civic.Asgardia is an official workgroup for volunteers registered to assist Asgardia by providing civil

Reviewing the Asgardia Elections: What went right?

4 weeks ago

This is going to be the first in two-part series to critically analyse the recent elections in Asgardia. We will consider both what went right and which areas we need to improve upon. In these reports we’ll be looking at

Asgardia Needs YOU to Run for Parliament: A Call for Asgardia Leadership!

1 month ago

Have you ever thought about running for office? Asgardia has taken many incredible steps since last year’s ratification of the Constitution. The Asgardia-1 satellite was launched into orbit, becoming the first sovereign territory in space. We made big strides in

The International Space Launches of April and May 0002/2018

1 month ago

There are a significant number of launches coming up in April and May, including an exciting mission to launch an InSight robotic Mars lander for the 12th mission of the Discovery program! Here are the international space launches over the

By-Elections Confirmed for the First Parliament of Asgardia

1 month ago

Attention Asgardians: The first round of Asgardian Parliamentary elections ended a few weeks ago; however, we are currently short on Parliamentary Members. Therefore, the Central Electoral Commission (CEC) is announcing a by-election being held between April 16th and May 16th

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