The Asgardia-1 Satellite

2 weeks ago

On November 12, 2017, Asgardia launched its first satellite into orbit, Asgardia-1. For the first time in the history of humanity, the territory of a nation is now located off the surface of the planet Earth. As a matter of

Looking Back at the First Asgardia Parliamentary Session

3 weeks ago

In follow up to Asgardia’s Chairman of Parliament, Lembit Öpik, meeting with Asgardian Members of Parliament in Istanbul last week, now is a good time to look back at Asgardia’s first parliamentary session that took place on 24 June 2018

How the Government and Parliament of Asgardia Work

1 month ago

Just a few weeks ago, in one of the most beautiful cities on Earth, Asgardia took yet another giant leap towards the stars. As part of two bi-elections earlier this winter, every citizen of Asgardia had the opportunity to vote

Welcome to Asgardia, the Space Nation

1 month ago

Welcome to Asgardia, the first ever space nation—a global, unifying and humanitarian project. Our nation has recently made quite a splash in international news, spurring massive interest in our year-old nation the world over. As a newcomer to Asgardia, we

First in history Inauguration of the Head of the First Space Nation Asgardia

1 month ago

Asgardia’s first Head of Nation, Dr Igor Ashurbeyli, was inaugurated on the 25th of June at the Hofburg Palace with guests from over 40 countries from across the world. In attendance were ambassadors of more than 10 countries, representatives of

Press Release: Leader of the first space nation to announce citizens will be in space within 25 years

2 months ago

VIENNA: On 25 June 2018, Asgardia’s first Head of Nation, Dr Igor Ashurbeyli, will announce that he expects the citizens of the first space nation will be capable of living in space in permanent habitable platforms both in low Earth orbit

Dr. Igor Ashurbeyli: A Profile of the Asgardia Head of Nation

2 months ago

Asgardia, the Space Nation, will inaugurate Dr. Igor Ashurbeyli as the first Head of Nation at the Hofburg Palace in Vienna on June 25, 2018. As we prepare for this historic event, let’s learn more about our nation’s leader. Background

Live Stream Details

2 months ago

The official live stream of the inauguration has been confirmed! It will be taking place on Monday, June 25 at: 12:00 GMT / EDT, UTC -4 8:00 (New York) / CST, UTC +8 20:00 (Beijing) You can tune in from

Show your Pride: Get the Asgardia Inauguration Facebook Frame

2 months ago

As the first-ever in the history of humanity inauguration ceremony of the Head of Asgardia approaches, we invite Asgardian’s to show their pride by adopting the Asgardia Inauguration Facebook Frame. To add a frame to your profile picture: Go to Select

The History of Asgardia

2 months ago

Since its formation in October 2016, in less than two years Asgardia has established itself as a full-fledged nation, with a constitution, flag, anthem, and sovereign territory on the Asgardia-1 Satellite, currently in orbit around the Earth. To date, there

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