Startup Friday

6 days ago

Startup companies can significantly impact economic growth. Often startups help create more jobs, and of course, more employment means a

HyBird: Autonomous Industrial Inspections Using AI

7 days ago

HyBird is a London-based technology and drone company that specializes in autonomous industrial inspections using AI on highly-tolerant unmanned aerial

JetSpecie’s ICO to Help Create a Space Launch System

7 days ago

JetSpecie’s aims to create a space launch system by conducting an initial

Infinite Foundry: Industrial Blockchain Solutions

7 days ago

Infinite Foundry, located in Sao Paulo, Brazil, is the first cloud platform

Hyperion Technologies: Products for Small Spacecraft

7 days ago

Founded in August 2013 by Dr. Ir. Bert Monna, Dr. Ir. Steven

Horizontal Cities: The Route of Least Resistance

1 month ago

Horizontal Cities is a start-up Data Service Provider based in Portugal, who

Hera Systems: A World of Information

1 month ago

Founded by Bobby Machinski, David D. Squires, and Satish Chetty on December 9, 2013, Hera

Demystifying Rocket Science

1 month ago

Founded by Walter Ballheimer, in 2014 German Orbital Systems is “a young startup

GlycanSpaceXR Ågency

1 month ago

Glycan SpaceXR Agency is a Space Agency for Research and Development of human activities (based in Switzerland, United-States and Europe),

Machine Learning Traffic Optimization

1 month ago

FlowX currently works with cities to reduce their traffic congestion. The company is using existing data, but no hardware, to

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