Bitcoin Pizza Day Celebrates 8th Anniversary

18 hours ago

This month marked the anniversary of Bitcoin Pizza Day. For those crypto enthusiasts, it has been eight years since 10,000 bitcoin (BTC) was used to purchase two pizzas. At the time, it was worth the equivalent of $41. Now, the

MF Chain Aims to Leverage Merchant Payment Integration to Unite Users, Merchants and Innovators

3 days ago

MF Chain aims to leverage merchant payment integration to unite users, merchants and innovators, in order to provide a solution for a great number of problems in commerce. MF Chain is building a complete, open source blockchain platform with the

The Floating Island Project: A Cryptocurrency Utopia

4 days ago

As Futurism writes, imagine a world where millions of people abandon the land to live on the sea. On their floating habitats, they are free from governmental overreach, feasting on sustainable algae and living in harmony. They can sail from

Tokyo Thinks Blockchain Technology Will Provide the Ultimate Tourism Experience

1 week ago

The 2020 Olympic Games will be held in Tokyo and two companies from the city feel that blockchain technology holds the key to the ultimate tourism experience. Mitsubishi Estate, a company that manages 30 percent of the buildings in Tokyo’s

Solar Bankers Node, the First Blockchain Node Run Purely on Solar Energy

1 week ago

Solar Bankers has officially announced the launch of its Solar Bankers Node, the first blockchain node run purely on solar energy. The Solar Bankers node is highly energy efficient, powered by its own small-scale solar panel. The company stated that

Will the U.S. Government Decide to Enter the Cryptocurrency Game?

1 week ago

If the U.S. Government decided to enter the cryptocurrency game, there could potentially be a way for everyone to get something they want. By leveraging America as a dominant player in the cryptocurrency game,  a government-distributed coin could create wealth

The Signs Are Clear: Wall Street is Officially Giving Bitcoin Trading a Shot

2 weeks ago

For nearly a decade, Wall Street’s opinion of bitcoin has varied from general indifference to outright condemnation. But now, many bigwigs in the U.S. financial sector are introducing bitcoin initiatives, a clear sign they recognize the cryptocurrency as a player

Lifesdna, an AI Search Engine and Decentralized Marketplace Will Launch During Blockchain Week NYC

2 weeks ago

Lifesdna, an artificial intelligence (AI) search engine and decentralized marketplace is launching during Blockchain Week NYC. The project has a focus on access, security, intelligence and collaboration among the health, wellness and lifestyle ecosystem. The world’s first holistic blockchain, AI

Facebook Will Begin to Study How to Best Leverage Blockchain Technology

2 weeks ago

A small, new unit has been established inside Facebook, which is specifically tasked with  exploring blockchain, the distributed ledger technology that supports cryptocurrencies like bitcoin. It will be overseen by the former head of Messenger, David Marcus. Earlier this year

B9lab, Releases Blockchain for Professionals Program: Requires No Programming Experience

2 weeks ago

B9lab, a global blockchain education provider recently announced the start of their Blockchain for Professionals program, a new 40-hour online course that requires no prior programming experience. The company feels that although there is a large amount of untapped potential

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