Kjell Lindgren to Perform Experiments on How to Deal with Health Issues in Space

3 weeks ago

No one likes getting sick but here on Earth, it’s a little easier to manage. Imagine getting a cold up in space? Well, that’s what happened to the Apollo 7 crew during the 1960s mission in which the commander caught

How to Handle Emergency Medical Care in Space

3 weeks ago

Just like NASA and other space agencies, Asgardia is looking at the long-term objective of living in space or into long-haul journeys to places like Mars and beyond. But one of the issues they need to address is that of

Early Findings from NASA’s Twin Study Have Now Been Confirmed

3 weeks ago

NASA performed a study on twins where one twin was sent into space and the other remained down on Earth for one year. That study just hit another major benchmark now that the early findings from 2017 have been confirmed

NASA Looks to Gene Therapy to Keep Future Space Explorers Healthy

3 weeks ago

For the past 50 years, space travel advocates like Asgardia have been working toward expanding our footprint in space with the idea of lunar bases, colonies on Mars and deep space exploration. However, there are still crucial obstacles that need

Scientists Find a Way to Reverse Wrinkles and Hair Loss Related to Old Age

3 weeks ago

The scientific and technological envelope of Asgardia is a space arena for the scientific creativity of its citizens and companies in developing a broad range of future space technologies, products and services for humanity on Earth and humanity in Space.

A Robot Chemist Could Transform the Way New Molecules are Found

4 weeks ago

By employing machine learning techniques scientists have engineered a robot chemist that could transform the way new molecules are found. Finding new molecules may help with deep space travel or even help Asgardia reach their long-term goal of being able

The FDA has Approved Tecovirimat (Tpoxx), the First Drug Designed to Treat Small Pox

4 weeks ago

The FDA has approved tecovirimat (Tpoxx), the first drug designed to treat small pox, an infectious disease, which kills about 30 percent of the people who contract it. Just like the researchers behind Tpoxx who were working to prevent citizens on

German Researchers Use Light to Stimulate Cochlear Neurons in a Way that can Improve Cochlear Implants

4 weeks ago

A cochlear implant can be life-changing for millions of people with hearing impairment. These electronic devices can bypass the damaged part of a person’s ear, translating sounds into electrical signals that then reach the brain through the auditory nerve. However, this doesn’t

Scientists Discover a Potential Way to Combat Jet Lag

4 weeks ago

Taking an international trip this summer? Switching time zones may result in less jet lag due to a new discovery from scientists in St. Louis. Researchers from the city’s Washington University discovered a potential way to combat jet lag. In

A New Approach to Invisibility Cloaking

1 month ago

Researchers from Montreal’s National Institute of Scientific Research (INRS) just published a study in Optica describing a new approach to invisibility cloaking. Their device, known as a spectral invisibility cloak, is the first to manipulate the colour (or frequency) of

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