Dozens of Men at a Prison in Washington State Help Reveal the Migration Patterns of West Coast Monarch butterflies

4 weeks ago

In what could be the most touching scientific study ever performed, dozens of men at a maximum-security prison in Washington state helped reveal the migration patterns of West Coast monarch butterflies. The inmates raised and released thousands of these butterflies

A New Online Platform Could Help Gig Economy Workers Secure Benefits

1 month ago

The National Domestic Workers Alliance (NDWA), an organization aimed at supporting domestic workers, is using an online platform to help gig workers secure benefits, including life insurance and disability insurance, according to Wired. The platform could function as a template

British Power Company, Ecotricity, is now Providing the World’s first Vegan Electricity

1 month ago

Ecotricity, a British power company is now providing what it has dubbed the world’s first vegan electricity, after warning that animal products can actually be found in other sources of electricity. The renewable energy provider based in the U.K. has

A Live Soccer Match Between Puppies Was Streamed During the World Cup to Reduce Stress

1 month ago

Last week England’s soccer team fought for their first quarter-final World Cup match since the 2006 tournament in Germany. As a way to fight the stress and health risks associated with the high stakes game, doctors have prescribed puppies as

Barbie manufacturer Mattel Releases Robotics Engineer Barbie

1 month ago

In an attempt to eliminate racial and sexual stereotypes Barbie manufacturer Mattel has released a new version of its popular doll – robotics engineer Barbie Mattel joined forces with nonprofit organization Black Girls Code, an Oakland-based group whose aim is

Four Million Year Old Skull Unlocks Some of the Mystery of Human Life

1 month ago

Scientists have been able to answer some long-standing questions by virtually reconstructing the brain case of a four-million-year-old human relative. The researchers found the fossilized cranium was composed of the spongy bone found in our own skulls. However, when they

Banksy Most Likely Behind Seven New Murals in Paris

1 month ago

Paris is now home to seven, new provocative pieces of street art, in what experts believe is a spree by the mysterious British artist Banksy, voicing their message on migration—and revolution. Although none of the pieces sport Banksy’s signature (that’s

New Study Finds Writing Personal Letters About One’s Body Can Boost Body Positivity

2 months ago

Researchers studying body positivity in women understood what could negatively affect a woman’s body image, but found that they were short on solutions for how to improve it. Thus,  to examine how to boost confidence, a team at Northwestern University’s

Four Major US Phone Carriers Have Announced Plans to Better Protect Privacy

2 months ago

While using your smartphone chances are you’ve probably had an app ask for permission to access your location. Most of the time, you probably don’t think twice about pressing accept. For example, how is your Uber driver going to find

Students in England Launch Space Jam Pie into the Stratosphere

2 months ago

There’s a new kind of cosmic dessert in town: space jam pie. A school in England launched a tart to the edge of space earlier this week but they have now lost track of this daring dessert after it entered

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