NASA’s Mars InSight lander Prepares to Deploy it’s Self-Hammering Heat Probe

2 days ago

NASA’s Mars InSight lander has settled on Elysium Planitia and is getting ready to use its instruments. If everything goes according to plan, one device’s work should be done by March. That device? InSight’s self-hammering heat probe dubbed the “mole.”

Virgin Galactic’s SpaceShipTwo Might Reach Space on Next Test Flight

3 days ago

The next test flight of Virgin Galactic’s SpaceShipTwo suborbital spaceplane is set for December 13th. This flight could be the first by SpaceShipTwo to reach at least one definition of space. In a statement issued on December 11th, the company

China’s Chang’e-4 Lander and Rover Successfully Entered Lunar Orbit

3 days ago

After a four-and-half-day flight to the moon, the Chang’e-4 lander and rover spacecraft from China successfully entered lunar orbit on Wednesday. At 3:45 a.m. Eastern (08:45 UTC) on December 12th, Chang’e-4 entered an elliptical lunar polar orbit with a perilune

NASA’s OSIRIS-REx Probe Discovers Hydrated Minerals on Bennu

4 days ago

NASA’s OSIRIS-REx probe arrived at Bennu last week and has already discovered hydrated minerals on the 1,640-foot-wide (500 meters) near-Earth asteroid, according to an announcement made by mission team members. The finding suggests that liquid water once abounded in the

Senator Bill Nelson Fights to Extend ISS Operations

4 days ago

Although Sen. Bill Nelson’s (D-Fla.) political career is coming to an end, as well as the current Congress Nelson said that he’s continuing to fight to keep operations of the International Space Station running through the end of the next

There’s Still Hope for NASA’s Opportunity Mars Rover

4 days ago

Ever since a massive dust storm took place on Mars this past summer, NASA’s Opportunity Mars rover has been silent since June 10, leading to a halt of the rover’s operations at Perseverance Valley. However, those in charge of Oppy

The American Geophysical Union Begins their Fall Meeting in Washington Today

5 days ago

Today, The American Geophysical Union begins their one-week fall meeting in Washington, which includes remarks from NASA officials and a variety of space panel discussions. For the first time, the conference is hosted in the nation’s capital, and it marks

Here are the Predictions for Solar Cycle 25

5 days ago

Cycle 24, the current sunspot cycle is believed to last approximately from the year 2008 to the year 2019. Thus, we haven’t reached the lowest ebb of the cycle yet, and no one knows precisely when that will happen. However,

Voyager 2 has Officially Entered Interstellar Space

5 days ago

NASA has just announced that the time has come to say goodbye to one of the most famous explorers of our age: Voyager 2. The spacecraft has entered interstellar space. The announcement comes before a news conference at the annual

Genevan Researchers Observe Exoplanet Inflate Like a Balloon

1 week ago

Helium is a rare element on Earth but abundant in the Universe. After hydrogen, it is the main component of stars and gaseous giant planets. Notwithstanding its ubiquity, helium was only discovered recently in the atmosphere of a gaseous giant

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