Could Satellite Communication Systems (SATCOMs) be too Easy to Hack?

11 hours ago

Satellite communication systems (SATCOMs) allow us to send and receive information from around the world; they are the power behind our internet, TVs, phones, radios, military operations, and more. Currently, there are over 2,000 communications satellites orbiting our planet, and

NASA’s Glenn Research Center in Cleveland is Now Testing a New Integrated Audio System

11 hours ago

While wearing space suits, it’s essential that astronauts remain in constant communication with the rest of the crew in space and Mission Control Center on Earth. Thus, astronauts wear a Communications Carrier Assembly (CCA), or “Snoopy Cap,” which is a

Deep Space Communication

11 hours ago

Each NASA mission requires a communications system to receive commands and other information sent from Earth to the spacecraft and to send back scientific data from the spacecraft to Earth. Almost all deep space missions never return to our planet.

Small Communications Satellite Launches Expected to Rise in the Next Decade

11 hours ago

A recent Frost & Sullivan report predicts a wave of small communications satellites will launch into space in the ten years, prompted by progress in the small-satellite production chain. Vivek Suresh Prasad, space industry principal analyst at Frost & Sullivan’s

Space Racing: Different Countries in Space

2 days ago

Who are the leading nations in space exploration today? Russia, the United States and the European Space Agency, a consortium of 20 European countries, hold the reigns. These nations are responsible for the largest number of successful missions. The US

India is Set to Launch 31 Space Missions Over the Next 16 Months

2 days ago

India has announced that they are prepared to launch two space missions every month, with 31 launches scheduled over the next 16 months, according to a top official. The state-run Indian Space Research Organisation’s (ISRO) Chairman K. Sivan told reporters

A New Class of Cosmonaut Trainees Have Been Accepted by Roscosmos

2 days ago

A new class of cosmonaut trainees has been officially accepted by Russia, including the younger brother of a crew member currently on board the International Space Station. Asgardia is the first ever space nation open to everyone and encourages great

JAXA Aims to Compete with ESA and NASA: Plans to Test Out a Reusable Rocket

2 days ago

In 2019, the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) has plans to test out a “reusable rocket” in an attempt to catch up to their U.S. and European rivals in the launching business. Koichi Okita, who leads JAXA’s research unit for

China’s Long March 9 Rocket Set to be Biggest in the World

2 days ago

China has been working on the 4,000 ton Long March 9 (LM-9),  which, when it flies around the year 2030, will be one of the world’s largest space rockets, aimed at lunar and Martian missions. The LM-9 has a diameter

News From Our Sun

3 days ago

Yesterday, marked the official launch of the Parker Solar Probe, which will fly straight through the edges of the sun’s outer atmosphere known as the corona and eventually move within 3.8 million miles (6 million kilometres) of the surface in

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