New Solar Panel Technology Harvests Light from the Sun and Also Converts it into Electricity

3 days ago

The world is caught in a vicious circle. As it grows hotter, people turn up their air conditioning but as they turn up the air con, the world grows hotter. And so it repeats and repeats. But now there might

NASA is Testing an Experimental Aircraft that will Drastically Cut Flight Times in Half

1 week ago

NASA has started performing tests to determine how residents in Texas will react to noise from an experimental aircraft that will drastically cut flight times in half. On Monday, the U.S. space agency began a research project, aiming to experiment

New Methods and Technologies Could Eventually Allow for the Teleportation of Complex Quantum Systems

1 week ago

Future technologies, such as quantum computers and quantum encryption, will require the experimental mastery of complex quantum systems. Thus, scientists from the University of Vienna and the Austrian Academy of Sciences have begun to use more complex quantum systems than

New Research Using Topology Opens a Path to Build a New Type of Quantum Bit

2 weeks ago

For the first time, Australian scientists have demonstrated the protection of correlated states between paired photons—packets of light energy—using the interesting physical concept of topology. This innovative breakthrough opens a new way to build a new type of quantum bit,

The US Military Doesn’t Want to Use True Artificial Intelligence

2 weeks ago

Although artificial intelligence is starting to play an active role in many aspects of our lives, particularly in government circles, where leaders are trying to get ahead of the technological curve; when it comes to the military, they don’t really

The Introduction of 5G is Set to Transform our World

1 month ago

The introduction of 5G is set to transform our world, according to du’s chief infrastructure officer. Saleem Al Balooshi claims that the next generation of cellular communication technology could potentially be the biggest change in human life since the industrial

Could AI and Machine Learning be Used to Simplify the Operation Communications Satellite Fleets?

1 month ago

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology has partnered with SES to look into ways artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning can be used to simplify the operation of their communications satellite fleet. AI and machine learning could help further Asgardia’s goals

U.N. Report Highlights how Technology can Drive Greater Inequality and Social Dislocation

1 month ago

In an interesting report by the U.N. which was released Monday, new technologies such as artificial intelligence and gene editing are incredibly promising when it comes to improving people’s lives, however, they can also drive greater inequality and social dislocation.

Ford to Introduce Signals of Intent for Self-Driving Cars

1 month ago

Engineers of self-driving cars are working hard to ensure that their autonomous vehicle avoids other road users. And now, the next step is to help those interactions go smoothly by having self-driving cars signal their intentions to pedestrians, cyclists and

Artificial Intelligence Will Create More Jobs Than it Eliminates

1 month ago

In many Op-Ed articles and on LinkedIn Walls we often see the doom and gloom of artificial intelligence (AI) taking over our jobs. From phrases like “By 2022, half of the human workforce will be wiped out.” or “Robotics and

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