Tiny Bean Bot Experiment Could Help Scientists Learn More About How Bacteria Behaves

18 hours ago

A team of French physicists decided to try out a fun experiment. They put a bunch of tiny little jumping bean-like robots in a room together to see if they would just run into each other, or if they were

Helsinki University Offers World’s First Free Online Artificial Intelligence Course

18 hours ago

Seeing as artificial intelligence has a fairly significant role in almost everyone’s life these days, it’s only fair that everyone should also have the chance to learn all about how AI functions. Therefore, Helsinki University in Finland is providing the

Meet the self-teaching Robot DyRET

2 days ago

Although it doesn’t have a head, a robot from a University of Oslo research group is astonishingly life-like. Dubbed DyRET, this quadruped teaches itself how to walk on different terrains, and even learns from its mistakes. DyRET was first released

Human Rights Organizations Pen the Toronto Declaration on Machine Learning

3 days ago

When it comes to developing artificial intelligence many experts want guidelines to protect people from discriminatory algorithms. Recently, a group of humans rights organizations including Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International, The Wikimedia Foundation, Access Now, and others called on governments

Tech Highlights from the Fujitsu Forum

4 days ago

Here are a few highlights from the Fujitsu Forum held in Tokyo last week: AR Sports By using an augmented reality (AR) kit that includes goggles and a vibration platform, which senses the bounce of the ball, sports fans could

Fujitsu Unveils Technology to Help the Elderly

4 days ago

At the Fujitsu Forum in Tokyo, the Japanese tech giant demonstrated several products it believes will help sustain the elderly in the “Era of the 100-year Life.” Fujitsu told press at the event that young people leave country towns for

Uber Invites 6 Architecture Firms to Share Their Vision of the Future of Flying Taxi Infrastructure

1 week ago

On Day One of Uber’s Elevate 2018 Summit they revealed a pretty detailed look at what the company wants their flying taxis to look like. On Day Two, Uber invited six architecture firms to share their vision of what the

Treat Your Wardrobe to Tech with these 5 Smart Pieces

1 week ago

In today’s world, fashion isn’t only fun it’s smart. Just like our smartphones, many companies are incorporating technology into our everyday garments. In fact, it’s expected to be a $1 billion industry by 2020. So let’s take a look at

New Tech by Fujitsu to Help Hearing and Visually Impaired

1 week ago

Tech giant Fujitsu located in Tokyo has announced the launch of several devices they hope can eliminate—or at least reduce—the difficulties of life for the hearing and seeing impaired. OTON GLASS The Fujitsu demonstration hall showed off a pair of

Meet RoboPin, a Talking, Dancing Robot

1 week ago

RoboPin, a talking and dancing robot created by Japanese technology company Fujitsu, could one day greet you at the supermarket and provide advice on what to buy. The tech company demoed the robot at an exhibition in Tokyo earlier this

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