DARPA Focuses on Third Wave of AI Technology

2 weeks ago

No credit if you don’t show your work doesn’t just apply to high school math students anymore. Now, researchers are holding the next wave of artificial intelligence (AI) to that same standard. An interesting move, especially for Asgardia who could

Biometric Mirror Highlights How AI can be Biased and Why that’s a Problem

2 weeks ago

Humans tend to be naturally judgmental, almost always making internal snap judgements about someone when we first meet them. After looking at the person for only a few seconds, we might remark their gender, race, and age, or decide whether

AI Could Make Athletic Coaching More Affordable

2 weeks ago

Coaching is a crucial part of any athletic sport. From up and coming athletes to Olympians, everyone needs an expert who can help them improve and cater to their personal needs. However, AI systems are now nearly sophisticated enough to

Google Glass Could Help Industrial Workers be More Productive

2 weeks ago

Technical director for Google Cloud, Jennifer Bennett, announced that Google Glass would be making a come back. But now the company has decided to gear their product towards industrial applications. After all, the factory floor is really where people could

5 Healthcare Technologies Invented Because of Space Exploration

3 weeks ago

Did you know astronauts on the International Space Station are growing crystals that could help produce new drugs to use here on Earth? In fact, many health-related breakthroughs come from space exploration. As the first-ever space Nation Asgardia has the

Rolls-Royce Announced Plans for a Flying Personal Vehicle that Could be Released by the Early 2020s

4 weeks ago

Rolls-Royce, the British luxury car and plane engine manufacturer, has announced plans to engineer a flying personal vehicle that could be released by the early 2020s. The vehicle will be able to take off and land vertically, and the company said

DeepMind Tests AI on General Intelligence

4 weeks ago

Although Artificial Intelligence has gotten quite good at completing specific tasks, AI is still a long way off from having general intelligence, the kind of common sense that would allow it navigate the world the same way humans or even

Virtual Reality Treatment Could Help Resolve Some Mental Health Disorders

1 month ago

Are you afraid of heights? Acrophobia, the technical term for this fear is actually one of the most common phobias in the world.  But now, a team of European researchers have discovered a new way to help people overcome this

Tech Company, MARS Bioimaging, Releases First-of-its-Kind X-Ray Scanner

1 month ago

Phil and Anthony Butler are father and son but also business partners. The physics professor and bioengineering professor (respectively) have created a company called MARS Bioimaging, and they have now released a first-of-its-kind x-ray scanner, which has been 10 years

Versius, the World’s Smallest Surgical Robot Could be Assisting Surgeons in the United Kingdom by End of 2018

1 month ago

Developed by CMR Surgical, the robot is basically three robotic arms attached to a mobile unit approximately the size of a barstool, as per a recent report by The Guardian. A surgeon controls the bot from a control panel, guiding

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