Cryptic Labs Adds Two Nobel Laureates to their Team

Cryptic Labs is the leading commercial research lab committed to solving fundamental security problems as a way to expand the growth of blockchain technology. Recently they have announced the addition of two Nobel Laureates in Economics – Dr. Eric S. Maskin and Sir Christopher Pissarides – to their Economics Advisory Board.

These new board members will offer insights into incentive mechanisms, game theory and macroeconomic policies, strengthening the institute’s goal of addressing the lack of blockchain industry expertise in both fields.

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The addition of these two world-class experts will allow Cryptic Labs to provide clients with research-based insights that will accompany their innovations. Dr. Maskin of Harvard University will focus on game theory and mechanism design, with an emphasis on how blockchain companies can guide user incentives at a company level, while Dr. Pissarides of the London School of Economics will lend his expertise on macroeconomic trends.

The two Nobel Laureates will also offer their expertise to a team which includes Cryptic Labs’ Chief Scientist Dr. Whitfield Diffie, the preeminent cryptographer who won the 2015 Turing Award, often known as the “Nobel Prize of Computing.” This makes up a special trio of world-renowned authorities. The trio was formed by Herman Collins, an accomplished executive search expert, who also leads Cryptic Labs’ Human Capital Advisory initiative.

Humphrey Polanen, Co-founder and Managing Director of Cryptic Labs, explained that for the first time in the industry, Drs. Maskin and Pissarides will provide unrivalled expertise and insight to the blockchain industry, offering nuanced understandings of behavioural economics to their clients.

The new members of their Economics Advisory Board offer the expertise needed for the company to live up to their mission to fill vital and essential gaps in the industry.

These experts together with other economics advisors will assist their client companies in navigating complicated issues, advising them on blockchain economics and helping them build the incentive systems required to ensure adoption and growth.

Dr. Pissarides specialty lies in his intricate understanding of macroeconomics, focusing on the effect of the labour and money supply at a macro level. Pissarides specializes in the economics of labour markets, macroeconomic policy, economic growth, and structural change, and won the 2010 Nobel Prize in Economics for his work in the economics of markets with frictions.

Sir Christopher Pissarides stated that blockchain technology is the most intriguing development in financial markets in recent years. However, we still don’t know enough about it to recommend a wholesale transition of all our transaction records to the blockchain. Pissarides added that he was impressed by Cryptic Lab’s mission to better the services offered by blockchain technology, in addition to the diversity and expertise of the team.

Pissarides will leverage his knowledge in macroeconomics to help companies better use the blockchain, making it more secure and more accessible, as well as study the implications that it has for trade, financial markets and economic performance.

Dr. Maskin was awarded a Nobel Prize in 2007 for laying the foundations of mechanism design theory. He will offer Cryptic Labs’ clients strategic guidance on game theory and incentive structures in blockchain systems. Presently, he is an Adams University Professor at Harvard where he publishes research in the fields of game theory, contract theory, social choice theory, political economy, and other areas of economics.

Dr. Maskin stated that he believes blockchain technology has the potential to be necessary for a modern economy. Most discussions of blockchain technology focus on technical issues. However, he is more interested in the economic value this technology has the power to bring.

These two new board members join a team who are experts at advising companies about industry solutions from blockchain infrastructure to artificial intelligence and networking. This is used to guide them in their design processes and help assess their economics.

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