Carnegie Mellon University Introduces Elite Degree in Artificial Intelligence

An established, esteemed American university is now providing an undergraduate degree in artificial intelligence. The school in question? Carnegie Mellon University.

As reported by the MIT Tech Review, the program will be run out of the college’s School of Computer Science. It’ll include the social and ethical impacts of A.I. in addition to computational learning, as well as the technical knowledge to get a good grasp on what the future of A.I. is going to be, and perhaps some practical work, too (as a precursor to joining CMU’s top-flight status as the graduate school for A.I.).

As Tech Review rightly highlights, there’s a significant gap between companies looking for A.I. talent and actual A.I. talent (programmers/engineers, policy makers, etc). Thus CMU is very smart for being the first to try to fill it. Of course, it stands to reason that this will be one of the most competitive programs for rising high school seniors to get into. They have to spend a year in SCS as freshman and get good enough grades for Year Two, at which point, they can be eligible to be accepted into the A.I. program.

Carnegie Mellon stated that at first, AI undergraduate enrollment will accommodate no more than 100 second-, third- and fourth-year students — or about 30–35 new students per year. (SCS enrolls approximately 735 undergraduates.) In fall 2018, a limited number of second- and third-year students who have already taken a substantial number of pertinent courses can apply to join the new AI degree program.

That works out to around four percent of the students in Carnegie Mellon’s SCS school, which makes it a pretty elite program.

For those interested in earning the degree and landing a sweet tech-based job you can apply here.



Image Credit: Phonlamai Photo / Shutterstock


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