Fleet: Plug and Play Satellite IoT

Founded in 2015 by Flavia Tata Nardini Fleet Space Technologies is an Australian agile space company connecting the Internet of Things around the world using a massive fleet of small, low-cost satellites. They aim to make it faster, simpler and cheaper to unite the world’s devices.

This company could prove helpful to Asgardia as they work toward building habitable platforms in low-Earth orbit.

Fleet Space Technologies is growing and looking for investors. They’re currently accepting bids in Crunchbase, a marketplace for investors and startup companies. As the company writes in their Crunchbase bio, “We provide direct, global access to a secure low-cost low-bandwidth connectivity platform ideal for machine to machine data exchange and deploying IoT sensor networks at scale. With simple device setup and management through a web interface and powerful cognitive analytics built in, the IoT is about to take a giant leap forward.”

The company’s mission is to connect everything through the use of cutting-edge communications and space technologies to maximize the resource efficiency of human civilization and empower the next industrial revolution with their free, ubiquitous connectivity platform.

As the company writes on their website:

Connect Everything
Global connectivity for the Internet of Things

Low-Cost and Low-Power
Ultra-low-cost satellite is now possible

100% Scalable IOT
Blended satellite and LPWAN for scalable IoT

Secure Private Network
Perfect for smart, secure private networks

The Portal
The Portal is a plug-and-play Edge Server, LoRaWAN™ Gateway, Satellite Modem and antenna all wrapped into one. It provides satellite connectivity to 1000 sensors within a 15km range.

What’s more, Fleet is passionate about lowering the cost of satellite IoT so their clients can connect more remote devices for less money. In fact, there’s up to an 80% savings on satellite connectivity using the power of Edge Computing in conjunction with low-cost satellite.

Fleet also focuses on helping clients digitally transform their business. A company can start small and scale the amount of data they collect from their remote operation. Fleet’s one-of-a-kind Portal device blends a LoRaWAN™ gateway with a satellite modem so a company can connect up to 1000 devices easily and without breaking the bank.

Fleet is working to unlock the power of IoT for super-efficient industry and logistics. As they explained on their website by 2050, there will be 9.6 billion people on our planet. Thus, it’s essential to find ways to increase industrial efficiency. Deploying thousands of remote sensors in agriculture or control systems in the cold supply chain will have a massive impact on the way business is conducted. By unlocking low-cost, high-volume IoT, Fleet is welcoming in the 4th Industrial Revolution worldwide.

For more information visit: https://www.fleet.space/portal/ or view them on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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