HyBird: Autonomous Industrial Inspections Using AI

HyBird is a London-based technology and drone company that specializes in autonomous industrial inspections using AI on highly-tolerant unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) fit for extreme environments, where it is unsafe for humans to go.

This technology could help Asgardia as they aim to create a space nation open to all with habitable platforms on low-Earth orbit.

HyBird develops both hardware and software to deliver autonomous extreme environment inspections. These drones are unlike any other drones currently on the market. They compromise a vast array of sensors for significantly increased operational safety and a much richer, actionable data output which is also user-friendly. The team’s multidisciplinary experience, ranging from the client side in engineering companies to the technology side at startups, positions HyBird to properly disrupt the outdated commercial inspections industry.

As the company explained on their website today’s, “drone systems are primitive, as the first wave of commercial aerial inspection solutions is more toy-like than tool-like. They are not capable of operating in extreme environments and are not comprehensive enough to operate safely in such areas, which largely restricts their current applications to outdoor inspection work. HyBird is looking where others are not: inside unsafe and complex structures.”

The company, which is currently accepting bids in Crunchbase, a marketplace for investors and startup companies, offers three products:


Shield is a collision-tolerant airborne, multi-sensory unit for hazardous zones. This product not only saves lives but also saves time and cost. As the company explained, 15 deaths per year take place in the UK alone, as a result of accidents relating to confined space inspection work. However, by using Shield this statistic can be reduced to zero. Every time a death occurs many inspection processes requires industrial infrastructure operations to be shut down for long periods of time to enable human-entry, which results in significant costs. However, by using Shield, these inspections can be carried out much more quickly and even save up to 70% of the cost. Although, gathering data from hazardous and otherwise hard to access places is often a necessity. Shield is the solution that eliminates the many issues related to it. Shield is made up of multi-spectral eyes and ears that can fit in smaller, higher, and more dangerous environments than any one person can.

Features include:

  • 1080p-30fps Visual Spectrum Footage.
  • 640p-30fps Infrared Footage.
  • Live Video Streaming.
  • Laser-Guided Depth Perception.
  • 3-Axis Protective Cage.
  • Fast Deployment Design.


Manufactured to serve both individual users and large organizations, Celestial is a multi-platform, cloud-based powerhouse for data acquisition, processing and visualization. It is much more than just a drone controller, Celestial allows for an end-to-end inspection solution with 360-degree coverage stemming from the seamless transition between cloud-control and direct-control. Projects and individual missions can be edited and overridden from anywhere around the globe. You can even switch manual missions to automatic with Celestial’s AI-driven mission aware system.


Even though there have been many advances made in drones and their controlling software, there still exists obstacles to truly autonomous drone services – human intervention. But HyBird claims that space is the solution. By lowering the frequency of human intervention it merely shifts the scale of human intervention, however, Space is aimed at eliminating it all together, to bring Drones as a Service (DaaS) to all levels of industry.

Abilities of their space drone currently in development include:

  • Storage
  • Refueling / Recharging
  • Health monitoring
  • Maintenance
  • Module storage / Swapping
  • Automatic deployment

For more information about HyBird or their products and services visit www.HyBirdTech.com or view them on Facebook and LinkedIn.

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