Hyperion Technologies: Products for Small Spacecraft

Founded in August 2013 by Dr. Ir. Bert Monna, Dr. Ir. Steven Engelen, and Drs. Cor in’t Veld, Hyperion Technologies B.V. is an independent company, which builds products mainly for small spacecraft. The company is based in Delft, Netherlands and aims to deliver high-performance ADCS and related systems, in addition to spin-out products including miniaturized payloads, as well as payload processing platforms.

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According to the company’s website, “Hyperion Technologies specializes in high performance, miniaturized components for small spacecraft.” Their expertise lies in high performance, high-reliability electronics and mechatronic systems. This specialty can be used in other applications too, which is why Hyperion also encourages interested parties to approach them for consultancy in any related fields, or for custom designs of components which would suit a particular application.

Hyperion is an expert in the following fields:

High-performance, small form factor electronics design:

    • (high bandwidth) analog and digital sensor readout
    • Energy efficient high compute performance embedded processing
    • Efficient Motor and inductor control

High reliability hard- and software development:

    • Fault tolerant hard- and software design
    • Accurate synchronous data collection and time-stamping

They are also experienced with high-efficiency mechatronic systems and radiation testing and analysis, among others.

Moreover, Hyperion is proud to be working with their partners Berlin Space Technologies GmbH and China HEAD Aerospace Technology Co.

Berlin Space Technologies GmbH is Hyperion Technologies’ oldest partner, and they have been a key part of development and production of the ST200 and ST400 star trackers in addition to the integrated attitude determination and control systems. Their expertise in small satellites and imaging platforms has been a great help in delivering these stellar products.

Meanwhile, China HEAD Aerospace Technology Co. is the distributor of Hyperion Technologies products for the Chinese market and plays a vital role in the company’s growth.

Hyperion boasts an array of different products in various categories including Attitude Control, Attitude Determination, Integrated ADCS, Navigation, Payloads & Data Processing, Propulsion, and Satellite Platforms.

For more information visit them at https://hyperiontechnologies.nl/ or view their profile on LinkedIn.

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