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Infinite Foundry, located in Sao Paulo, Brazil, is the first cloud platform where the user can 3D design and virtually test a product directly from the browser is growing and looking for investors. They’re currently accepting bids in Crunchbase, a marketplace for investors and startup companies.  

Asgardia is always interested in researching and promoting startup companies that could help them further their goal of setting up habitable platforms in low-Earth orbit and ensuring the peaceful use of space today.

Infinite Foundry offers two primary services Simulation as a Service and Design as a Service.

When it comes to Simulation as a Service, the client will gain access to one or more simulation software codes. Their co-simulation allows them to optimize several aspects of a product and the client can pay per hour for software and hardware.

Regarding Design as a Service generative design automatically explores all possible permutations of a solution. While reverse engineering uses a simplified scan-to-CAD workflow and the client can design the components to take advantage of the latest 3D printing and additive manufacturing techniques.

Infinite Foundry also provides blockchain services, particularly for supply chain Management. The company will invite the project engineering teams from different suppliers as a way to figure out how to best manage data from several suppliers, as well as to allow for optimization through the data of various suppliers.

But the company also extends their services to industrial blockchain applications. For industrial blockchain Infinite Foundry’s platform records price, date, location, raw material, manufacturing parameters quality, and certification from small suppliers. Then it integrates data from small suppliers with data hosted in Tier 1 data center and OEM auto manufacturer data center. Clients can also use Infinite Foundry’s licenses or customers licenses for engineering software to process data for design and operation optimization.

Another product the company provides is called Digital Twin, which incorporates machine learning. This platform runs on the physics-based model, and it can store the Internet of Things data measured during service. It also processes information in real time to predict the remaining lifetime.

Lastly, Infinite Foundry offers digital transformation consulting and 3D scanning services. Their digital transformation consulting helps companies understand that transformation requires a new way of working and thinking as an organization, beyond merely adopting new technologies. While their 3D scanning services accurately map the entire planet using 360º laser scanning, and handheld laser scanning for areas that are difficult to access. Their 3D scanning services also transform the x,y,z points from laser scanning (point cloud) into 3D CAD solid models.

For more information about Infinite Foundry visit their website or view them on Facebook,  LinkedIn, and Twitter.

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