JetSpecie’s ICO to Help Create a Space Launch System

JetSpecie’s aims to create a space launch system by conducting an initial coin offering (ICO) to raise the necessary funds. The first phase of the JetSpecie’s project will issue JetSpecie tokens which are based on the Ethereum platform. Part of these tokens shall be exchanged into fiat money during presale and sale activity during the ICO.

This is an interesting concept for Asgardia who has interests in both cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, as well as lower-cost space launch systems to help them achieve their goal of creating the first ever society in space.

The ICO shall be lead by professional consultants (presumably Intrepid Ventures). They intend to deploy extensive advertising campaigns as a way to market this project worldwide among cryptocurrency and satellite markets by advertising at roadshows; conferences and exhibitions; social networks; Internet website, and blogs.

They are also thinking of implementing a closed presale of JetSpecie tokens for only satellite developers and operators. To purchase a JetSpecie token you can use fiat money and it will always provide the service of deployment of the fixed weight of payload delivered to standard Low Earth Orbit (LEO) (e.g. 1 JetSpecie = 10 kg to LEO).

The company feels that the future value of the JetSpecie token will increase in its fiat money equivalent due to constant marketing campaigns and its trading on the exchanges.

The company believes that satellite developers and operators should buy now and in four years they could exchange the JetSpecie tokens into real launch service for their payloads.

On the one hand, the company has explained that it is great for this project that satellite and cryptocurrency markets are global and capacious, but on the other hand, they understand that a huge effort is required to sufficiently cover all of these markets. Therefore, the estimated budget for the ICO phase is $3M. This value is required as an initial investment.

Other parts of JetSpecie tokens shall be further exchanged for fiat money on cryptocurrency exchanges. The fiat money obtained by this method will be used for the creation of the space launch system, which will also be called JetSpecie. This will mark the second phase of the JetSpecie project.  

Once developed the JetSpecie space launch system will provide launch services for spacecraft and spacecraft constellations, servicing Low Earth Orbits. The operation of the space launch system will be implemented according to launch service contracts commonly used on the space market. However, the services shall be provided for JetSpecie token holders only. Therefore, launch service customers shall be highly interested in purchasing these tokens whether during the ICO or during the development phase as a way to secure an opportunity to launch their payloads for a less expensive amount in the equivalent of fiat currency.  JetSpecie stated that it will be three times less than the current market price.

The final phase of JetSpecie is when the first actual launch takes place.

If you’re interested in startup companies, ICO’s, and anything related to space then you’ll want to join Asgardia today and connect with forward-looking people who are working toward ensuring the peaceful use of space for everyone.

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