Lifesdna, an AI Search Engine and Decentralized Marketplace Will Launch During Blockchain Week NYC

Lifesdna, an artificial intelligence (AI) search engine and decentralized marketplace is launching during Blockchain Week NYC. The project has a focus on access, security, intelligence and collaboration among the health, wellness and lifestyle ecosystem. The world’s first holistic blockchain, AI search engine will provide a wealth of wellness, healthcare and lifestyle information, data and content. Lifesdna was also crafted to provide a secure, decentralized marketplace for users, scientists, researchers, industry players and global influencers through a trusted PaaS (Platform as a Service).

Dinis Guarda, CEO and co-founder of lifesdna said that as of now, data on wellness, lifestyle and healthcare is not easily accessible, exchangeable or understandable. Thus, the company hopes to transform this paradigm and ultimately solve this problem with their cutting-edge encrypted search engine and holistic marketplace.

By employing big data in an AI-powered search engine and joining key industry players together, lifesdna plans to improve data access and integrity, while providing secure solutions to improve access to information in the wellness, healthcare and lifestyle sectors.

The global wellness and lifestyle economy has reached $3.7 trillion, as per the Global Wellness Institute, but lacks cohesion, presenting an amazing market opportunity. Consumers, patients, researchers, influencers and healthcare organizations often suffer since they lack the information and resources required to address their issues. Lifesdna allows users to safely access this information while solving daily problems in finding relevant content and data. The model is permission-based, anonymized and customizable for all audiences; and it uses advanced reward tokenomics and game theory.

Guarda explained that by allowing for secure storage, encryption and exchange of wellness, healthcare and lifestyle information and data, they are creating an unparalleled distributed holistic solution. The possibilities for integrating research, intelligence and connections are limitless. He said they look forward to debuting Lifesdna to the world at Blockchain (R)evolution event at the Blockchain Week NYC.

Lifesdna will begin May 13 at a special event featuring Alex Tapscott, co-author of “Blockchain Revolution,” John Edge, co-founder and chair of ID2020, Richard Titus, founder and CEO of Ark Advisors, Darren Camas, advisor at Emurgo, and Sally Eaves, co-founder of and member of the Forbes Technology Council, among other industry leaders. The event leads up to Consensus 2018 blockchain technology summit that will reflect on emerging challenges, opportunities and the social impact that blockchain and cryptocurrencies present.



Image Credit: Panchenko-Vladimir / Shutterstock


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