Now Recruiting: Asgardia Moderators

Are you ready to step up and take an active role in the Asgardia community?

Asgardia is now accepting applicants to join the volunteer moderator team. Civic.Asgardia is an official workgroup for volunteers registered to assist Asgardia by providing civil and community support. The team is responsible for moderating the Asgardia forums, social media accounts and groups, for sharing important information, and for running community events.

Asgardia is growing rapidly. We have over 189K citizens, close to 200K followers on Facebook, and we recently became the 173rd largest nation by population. Just as the nation is expanding, so is Civic Asgardia. There are more and more people using our community networks, forums, and social media channels and Civic Asgardia is there to greet them and make sure that everything runs smoothly. The team needs more dedicated Asgardian Citizens to help make the Asgardia community a great place for Asgardians to meet up and interact with one another.

In today’s digital age, the role of Moderator is more important than ever. It takes great responsibility to ensure that Asgardians voices are heard while also following carefully crafted guidelines and the Asgardia code of conduct to safeguard the rights of our citizens and participants. Becoming a volunteer Asgardia Moderator is your chance to work with the community, build camaraderie, gain new skills, and make an impact within our nation.

Volunteer Moderators will work with our social media accounts, particularly Facebook, to help ensure that our community remains a safe and engaging place for Asgardians to connect, share values, make new friends, and engage in important discussions. This is one of the most important ways that we’re building our nation.

The position of moderator will give you a chance to learn about the inner workings of Asgardia, hone your skills in diplomacy, and help out the community. Shifts are flexible and pre-assigned and the onboarding process will include full training in social media and G-Suite. You’ll work alongside other devoted Asgardians and help to support the development of the nation. There are also some perks and incentives, such as invitations to private staff functions or memberships as they become available.

A Moderator role with Civic Asgardia is a great opportunity and a legitimate volunteer position that will make an impact in our nation. To apply, please review a few basic requirements that every applicant must fulfil. First, you must be a Citizen of Asgardia who is at least 18 years old. You must have a stable internet connection and be able to work a pre-agreed schedule. Due to the nature of the work, candidates must sign a nondisclosure agreement and pass a brief interview.

If you feel you’d be a great fit for this work-from-home position, are eager to learn new skills, and would like to connect and network with other dedicated and active Asgardians, read over the full position requirements here, and then email

The Civic Asgardia team welcomes all applications and looks forward to reviewing your submissions.




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