Asgardia Needs YOU to Run for Parliament: A Call for Asgardia Leadership!

Have you ever thought about running for office?

Asgardia has taken many incredible steps since last year’s ratification of the Constitution. The Asgardia-1 satellite was launched into orbit, becoming the first sovereign territory in space. We made big strides in creating our own cryptocurrency, the Solar. And just last month, we held our first Parliamentary elections, the results of which were announced only a few weeks ago.

Although many of our districts are now well-represented by their newly-elected Members of Parliament, we are still in need of more MPs. As a result, we are holding by-elections between April 16 and May 16 2018 (22 April-24 May 0002) in order to elect approximately 50 MPs for District 13, and we need YOU to run!


Why Should I Run For Office?

As part of the development of our nation, we aim to offer as many ways to contribute to Asgardian society as possible. We know that many of our citizens wish to take on more responsibilities to assist in the growth of our nation and we absolutely encourage everyone’s participation and hope that all citizens can find ways to contribute to our growing society. Running for office is a particularly important opportunity. By running for a seat in the first Asgardian Parliament and becoming elected, you will have the opportunity to help form laws and policies that will become the backbone of our society. As a result, those elected to the first Parliament of Asgardia will become an important part of the legacy of our nation, having played an essential role in paving the way for the road ahead.

By running for and becoming elected to Parliament, you will also help Asgardia in our goal of eventually becoming recognized by the United Nations and countries on Earth as a sovereign nation. Having a functioning government is essential for that recognition. Although Asgardia doesn’t need to become a member of the UN to be a sovereign nation, having that recognition does come with its advantages. We would have a voice in worldwide affairs and be better able to influence the hard conversations that will eventually have to happen about the habitation of space. We cannot do these things without a full and robust Parliament, which may include you.


What Will My Responsibilities Be As An MP?

The core task of the Parliament is to develop legislation. As an MP, you will have many responsibilities, including voting, helping to develop budgets, and working with Parliamentary committees to create new policies that will improve Asgardia. Although we recognize that not everyone can travel around the world to personally be involved in voting and other Parliamentary responsibilities, full participation through digital communications, such as Skype, Discord chat, and other methods, would be required to fulfill your governmental responsibilities. However, all MPs-Elect are invited to the first Parliamentary session in Vienna on June 24th, with their travel costs covered by Asgardia.


How Do I Become Nominated?

Candidate applications have been reopened on the Asgardia website on April 10 (22 April 0002). All Asgardia citizens have the right to nominate themselves for a seat in Parliament, in this case for District 13. Visit to nominate yourself now.


You must be age 40 years or older to campaign for Parliament. You do not need previous governmental experience, either professionally or politically, to run. You simply need to agree to represent the citizens of Asgardia equally and fairly.

There is a registration fee (donation) of €100 to register your campaign. As is the case with most democracies, this fee is to encourage the candidate’s sincerity and intention to commit to government work. If you are not successfully elected to Parliament, this donation can be refunded to you if you wish. We will also need a copy of your government issued photo ID and a copy of your CV to confirm your identity (these will not be publicly shared).


How Does Campaigning Work?

As a candidate, you must create your own campaign profile on the Asgardia website. Here, you will describe your platform with the ideas and goals that you would personally advocate for as an Asgardian MP. You should also include up to three Parliamentary committees on which you would like to work. Your profile must be completed in both English and in your native language. Your full legal name and a real photo of yourself must be used for your profile.

Your platform must be realistic and contain no unreasonable, wild, or fantastical promises that cannot be kept. This is the space where you should convince your fellow citizens to vote for you and share your views about the future of Asgardia.

You can use Asgardian social media channels to campaign through stimulating conversations about issues and solutions relevant to Asgardia. Do not simply say “Vote for Me!”—this should be a campaign of ideas. If there is any indication of voter fraud, such as the creation of multiple Asgardia accounts to get votes, pressure tactics to other citizens, or trading votes for favours once in office, you will be disqualified and removed from ever running in future Asgardia elections. Attack ads against fellow candidates or negative campaigning is also prohibited.


What Will Happen After I Am Elected?

We are planning to hold the first Parliamentary session of Asgardia on June 24th, 2018 in Vienna. As an elected MP, all of your travel costs will be covered by Asgardia. In preparation for this session, consultations will take place over the next few weeks to determine:

  • an agenda for June 24th, the first Parliamentary session
  • a list of the three most important laws MPs need to pass for Asgardia to start its work
  • suggested categories and specialties of lawyers that are needed to support these activities

If you would like to learn more about the by-elections and plans for Vienna from Lena De Winne, the CEO of the Asgardia NGO, please watch the following video:

If you have any questions or comments about the by-elections or the first Parliamentary session, please contact You can find more detailed information about the by-elections here:


Asgardian MP Code of Conduct

According to the Declaration of Unity of Asgardia, as well as the Constitution of Asgardia, all Asgardians are equal in the eyes of the law. This is a core value of our nation. All published Asgardian rules, regulations, terms, conditions, and codes of conduct are applicable to every Asgardian, no matter what their position within Asgardia.

Although there is currently no official code of conduct for Asgardian MPs, we will soon be drafting a proposed code and offering it as a temporary document to be used as a guideline before Parliament goes into session. If any MP-elect violates this code of conduct (which will fully reflect the Declaration of Unity and the Constitution), we are proposing to freeze the status of that MP and pass for decision if such MP-elect should be allowed into office for review in Parliament (once Parliament is in session).

Step Up Today!

Your nation is counting on you for leadership—will you answer the call? Nominate yourself to become a Member of Parliament today! If you have any questions or comments about the by-elections, the first Parliamentary session, or the proposed rules of conduct, please contact

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