Human Rights in Asgardia – Message from the Prime Minister Ana Mercedes Díaz

Ana Mercedes Díaz, the Prime Minister of Asgardia shares a message in which she makes an important account of the history of Human Rights on our planet. She recalls how Asgardia, from its conception in the mind of Dr. Igor Ashurbeyli, has considered Human Rights a clear priority for the Nation. This is why our constitution unmistakably stipulates that all Human Rights and freedoms are recognized in Asgardia, in accordance with the general adopted principles and norms of international law.

Among those rights, Ms. Díaz points out the innovative nature of the right to participate in space exploration and the right to universal access to scientific information about space, as well as the right to property, inheritance and self-management.

Ms. Diaz assures that human rights are present as one of the fundamental pillars of democracy. She mentions that humanity is the supreme value in Asgardia as it is expressed in article #4 of our constitution and reminds us that this value is what makes coexistence, respect for human rights, the preservation of peace, the maintenance of democratic system, and the development of our society possible.


Image Credit: / Shutterstock


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