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Researchers Use AI to Create the First Complete 3D Model of a Human Cell

1 week ago

Modern medicine has seen many great advances. We have scans, stains, and microscopes that allow us to see how the body is working. However, seeing

Lifesdna, an AI Search Engine and Decentralized Marketplace Will Launch During Blockchain Week NYC

2 weeks ago

Lifesdna, an artificial intelligence (AI) search engine and decentralized marketplace is launching during Blockchain Week NYC. The project has a focus on access, security, intelligence

Google Unveils New “Duplex” AI

2 weeks ago

Google’s new “Duplex” AI was revealed this week during the company’s annual I/O developer conference. Duplex features a very realistic AI-powered computer voice that can

AI Could Help Soldiers With Sensory Overload

3 weeks ago

When it comes to stressful combat-related scenarios there is a lot of information bombarding a soldier’s brain at once. Now, the U.S. Army Research Laboratory,

AI Can Predict four of the “Big Five” Personality Traits Using Only Eye-movement Tracking Data

3 weeks ago

Many say eyes are a window into the soul and now an emerging body of research suggests that the way in which we move our

120 High School Students Help Train AI to Read the Vatican Secret Archives

3 weeks ago

120 high school students from Italy figured out how to give researchers access to the Vatican Secret Archives, an enormous collection of documents outlining the

AI Could Help Us Understand the Behavior of Animals

3 weeks ago

When it comes to studying an animal’s behavior it’s not easy. It takes hours of observing an animal in carefully-designed lab environments, or out in

How Construction Robots Will Actually Help Japan

3 weeks ago

When it comes to workplace automation many people fear machines will replace their jobs. However, Japan is now experiencing the opposite issue where they don’t

AI Learns How to Write Angsty Poems

3 weeks ago

According to a paper published Thursday on the preprint site arXiv, a group of researchers from Microsoft and Kyoto University developed a poet AI that

A New AI  Can Now Write Software Code for You

4 weeks ago

BAYOU is an deep learning tool that essentially functions as a search engine for coding: use a few keywords to tell it what sort of

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