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Could AI and Machine Learning be Used to Simplify the Operation Communications Satellite Fleets?

1 week ago

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology has partnered with SES to look into ways artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning can be used to simplify the

U.N. Report Highlights how Technology can Drive Greater Inequality and Social Dislocation

2 weeks ago

In an interesting report by the U.N. which was released Monday, new technologies such as artificial intelligence and gene editing are incredibly promising when it

Artificial Intelligence Will Create More Jobs Than it Eliminates

2 weeks ago

In many Op-Ed articles and on LinkedIn Walls we often see the doom and gloom of artificial intelligence (AI) taking over our jobs. From phrases

Argo AI: Fully Autonomous Vehicles

3 weeks ago

Argo AI aims to address one of the most challenging applications in computer science, robotics and artificial intelligence: vehicles that are fully autonomous and able

Shell and Microsoft Team Up to Create New AI that Makes Gas Stations Safer

3 weeks ago

Smoking cigarettes at the gas station is dangerous because gasoline is highly combustible and cigarettes require a flame to be lit. Although this may seem

An AI Designed to Train Other AI’s with Fake Images of Brain Tumours

4 weeks ago

When it comes to machine learning, a tremendous amount of data is necessary to train a new algorithm. Not only that, but the information needs

Partnerships Between Humans and Smart Machines can Enhance a Workers’ Abilities

1 month ago

Did you know a partnership between humans and smart machines can enhance a workers’ abilities and drastically improve performance, safety, and worker satisfaction? A prime

Integrated Circuits and Systems for Harsh Environments

2 months ago

MAGICS Instruments (MAGICS®) is a fabless IC development company, who specializes in the engineering of harsh environment integrated circuits and machine learning based intelligent sensors.

DARPA Focuses on Third Wave of AI Technology

3 months ago

No credit if you don’t show your work doesn’t just apply to high school math students anymore. Now, researchers are holding the next wave of

Biometric Mirror Highlights How AI can be Biased and Why that’s a Problem

3 months ago

Humans tend to be naturally judgmental, almost always making internal snap judgements about someone when we first meet them. After looking at the person for

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