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Press Release: Auction to Attend the Inauguration of Asgardia

2 days ago

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Special Auction to Witness History: A Chance to Attend the Inauguration of the First Space Nation Vienna, Austria — May 24, 2018

Reviewing the Asgardia Elections: What went right?

4 weeks ago

This is going to be the first in two-part series to critically analyse the recent elections in Asgardia. We will consider both what went right

By-Elections Confirmed for the First Parliament of Asgardia

1 month ago

Attention Asgardians: The first round of Asgardian Parliamentary elections ended a few weeks ago; however, we are currently short on Parliamentary Members. Therefore, the Central

How Does a New State or Government Obtain Recognition?

2 months ago

The United Nations was founded out of the ashes of World War II in 1945. Since then, its original 51 member states have expanded to

Asgardia Elections: What’s next?

2 months ago

If you hadn’t heard, Asgardia just reached the end of its first election that saw rise to passionate debates, inspirational platforms and innovative solutions to

The Importance of Competitions for the Future of Asgardia

3 months ago

How do you engage citizens and promote social change when you have a decentralized population? That’s easy: through competitions! One of the beautiful things about

Asgardia at Escape Velocity 2018

3 months ago

Have you ever been to a sci-fi convention? Frankly speaking, they are the best. If you want to see a group of passionate people putting

Asgardia BOINC Team Reaches the Top 10% of Teams Internationally

4 months ago

Asgardia is proud to be contributing to important scientific research as part of BOINC, the Berkeley Open Infrastructure for Networked Computing. One of the terrific

Introducing the New AsgardiaSpace.com Website

4 months ago

Welcome to the new Asgardia website, designed for news, community, and more! Over the last few months, we’ve been hard at work designing a new

Petitions in Asgardia

4 months ago

Petitions: Mechanisms of Communication & Change in Asgardia For any nation to work properly, there must be a functional mechanism of communication and change in

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