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India’s First Ever Crewed Mission to Space Should Happen by 2021

7 hours ago

Chairman of the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO), K Sivan, revealed that the ISRO had set a target for India’s first ever crewed mission to

First Launch Since Soyuz Rocket Failure Scheduled For Thursday

1 day ago

Astronauts have continually lived aboard the International Space Station since 2000, arriving and departing in crews of two to seven at a time. And now

Buzz Aldrin Takes the First Ever Space Selfie 52 Years Ago Today

2 days ago

Buzz Aldrin took the first selfie in space while standing on his seat and hanging out of an open hatch while he was on the

NASA Says Moon Could be the Next Space Destination but Mars is Still an End Goal

3 days ago

Jim Bridenstine, NASA’s chief has stated that the moon could be the next space destination for American astronauts. However, Mars is still an enticing destination.

The International Space Station is Now Home to a Brand New life-Support System

6 days ago

The International Space Station is now home to a brand new life-support system. This system is capable of recycling breathable air, which promises to drastically

Neuroscientists Take Accurate Measures of Volume Changes in Brain Tissues of Long-Term Visitors to the ISS

1 week ago

For the first time, there have been accurate measures of volume changes in the brain tissues of long-term visitors to the International Space Station (ISS).

Canadian Astronaut Confirmed to Fly on the Next Soyuz Launch to the ISS

1 week ago

On Oct 11, 2018, a Soyuz rocket failure caused an aborted mission, which sent two astronauts plummeting 80 kilometres back down to earth. But not

NASA is Looking for a Way to make Fuel On Mars

2 weeks ago

Humanity is looking toward deep space exploration including trips to Mars. To work towards this goal they are building powerful rockets such as SpaceX’s BFR

A SpaceX Rocket and a Boeing Spacecraft will Begin Transporting the ISS Crew in 2019

4 weeks ago

In 2019, U.S. astronauts will no longer need to ride on the Russian Soyuz rocket to reach the International Space Station, according to NASA. Both

NASA is Working on a Conceptual Human-Crewed Mission to Venus

4 weeks ago

Although Venus is probably not the number one destination for aspiring space tourists due to it being a hellish world of infernal temperatures, with a

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