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Genes in Space Participants Will Get a Chance to Talk With Astronauts Aboard the ISS

2 weeks ago

An event hosted by Boeing and Space Center Houston, the official visitor center of NASA’s Johnson Space Center will have the students from Houston area

Astronauts Aboard the ISS will Speak with Students This Week

4 weeks ago

Students from Montana and Vermont will talk with astronauts on the International Space Station as part of NASA’s Year of Education on Station. Astronauts Drew

Researchers Aim to Turn Carbon Dioxide Found in Mars’ Atmosphere into Oxygen for Future Astronauts

1 month ago

Mars’ atmosphere is almost entirely composed of carbon dioxide, which makes up a very small fraction of a percentage of the air we breath here

NASA and Partners Conduct Parachute Tests to Ensure Safety During Spaceflight

2 months ago

When it comes to human spaceflight crew safety is top priority. Thus, in the return of human spaceflight launches from Florida’s Space Coast, and the

Two Astronauts are Set To Board The ISS this Wednesday

2 months ago

On Wednesday, March 21, two American astronauts and a Russian cosmonaut will begin their journey to the International Space Station. Live coverage will air on

The Year of Education on Station

3 months ago

Astronaut Joe Acaba has reached the minds of thousands of students from approximately 254 miles higher than any ordinary classroom, aka the International Space Station.

Soon The Moon Will Have Internet

3 months ago

On February 27th, Telecommunications companies Vodafone Germany and Nokia, along with German car company Audi and Germany-based scientists and engineers of PTScientists,  announced that they

Three Members of the Expedition 54 Crew Aboard the International Space Station Return Safely to Earth

3 months ago

After months of conducting research and spacewalks in low-Earth orbit, three members of the Expedition 54 crew aboard the International Space Station (ISS), including NASA

New Garment to Reduce Back Problems for Astronauts Returning to Gravity

3 months ago

Thanks to gravity we are tallest when we wake up in the morning, but as the day goes on our spine is squashed down as

UAE Astronaut Program Received More Than 3,000 Applications

3 months ago

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) announced their ambitious plans for Mars last year, starting with a probe to be launched in 2021 in hopes of

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