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Study Suggests New Theory About the Origins of ‘Oumuamua

6 days ago

‘Oumuamua, Hawaiin for “scout,” is an interstellar object that is once again garnering attention, this time for a new theory about its origins. Scientists from

A Massive Elliptical Galaxy has Been Found to be an Avid Recycler

1 week ago

Approximately one billion light-years from Earth, a massive elliptical galaxy has been found to be an avid recycler, although not of plastic bottles. At its

New Research Confirms that Sagittarius A* is the Center Around Which the Entire Milky Way galaxy Rotates

1 week ago

For some time now experts believe there is a supermassive black hole situated at the center of our galaxy, called Sagittarius A*. Currently, scientists have

New Survey Finds a Star in Our Own Galaxy that’s 13.5 Billion Years Old

1 week ago

Our Sun which sits in the center of our Solar System is believed to be just over 4.6 billion years old. Although that seems unfathomably

Scientists Have Identified the Corpse of a Galaxy that fell into the Milky Way Approximately 10 Billion Years Ago

2 weeks ago

Scientists have now identified the corpse of a galaxy that fell into the Milky Way approximately 10 billion years ago in what was most likely

Astronomers Confirm the Existence of the Kordylewski Dust Clouds

2 weeks ago

On Oct 25 The Royal Astronomical Society (RAS) announced that astronomers might have confirmed the existence of two evasive dust clouds, orbiting Earth in much

The Europa Thermal Emission Imaging System Set to Launch in 2022 Might Solve Some Unanswered Mysteries

3 weeks ago

Jupiter’s moon Europa could be home to geysers but if so the natural engines that fuel them are unable to be detected. Scientists have re-evaluated

One Year Ago Astronomers Discover Oumuamua the First Interstellar Body Ever Found

3 weeks ago

This week marks one year since astronomers happened upon an unusual object moving through space not too far from the Earth’s orbit. After a few

What if a Moon had it’s own Moon?

1 month ago

Recently, the first evidence of an exomoon — meaning, a moon orbiting a planet in another star system — was found, but what if we

Hubble Telescope Observations on Hold After Gyroscope Failure

1 month ago

After a gyroscope failed on the Hubble telescope last Friday, all science observations have been put on hold. The Hubble Space Telescope is out of

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