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By Stimulating the Prefrontal Cortex a Person’s Intention to Commit a Violent Act was Reduced by More than Half

3 months ago

In a study published in the Journal of Neuroscience, an international team of researchers discovered that by stimulating the prefrontal cortex—an area of the brain

Four Million Year Old Skull Unlocks Some of the Mystery of Human Life

4 months ago

Scientists have been able to answer some long-standing questions by virtually reconstructing the brain case of a four-million-year-old human relative. The researchers found the fossilized

New Study Demonstrates how the Act of Facing One’s Fears Actually Rewires the Brain’s Circuitry

4 months ago

A common technique in cognitive behavioural therapy is the practice of getting people to overcome their fears by facing them. For instance, if someone is

New Imaging Technique Allows Researchers to Capture and Magnify the Effect of the Heartbeat on the Brain

5 months ago

Your heartbeat sends blood pulsing through the vessels of your body about every second or so. You can feel the impact throughout the entire body

Scientists Were Able to Shut Off Aggressive Behavior in Mice

5 months ago

For weeks at a time, scientists were able to shut off aggressive behaviour in mice. They did this by harnessing the power of a not

Play Eyewire. Map the Human Brain.

5 months ago

An accurate map of the human brain could make many of our hopes for the future come true. From things like a cure for Alzheimer’s

Stimulating the Brain with Magnetic Energy Could Help People with Obesity

5 months ago

According to scientists, stimulating the brain with magnetic energy could curb food cravings in people with obesity. Researchers in Italy investigated whether a technique called

Scientists Keep Pigs Brain Alive Outside the Body

6 months ago

A new, sort of bizarre advancement has been achieved. Scientists can now keep pig brains alive outside a body for at least 36 hours. Using

Researchers Image Hidden Process Inside Brain During Learning

6 months ago

When our brains learn new things there is a hidden biological process that occurs. Now, researchers at Thomas Jefferson University have managed to capture that

New Research Shows Promise About Ways to Treat Depression

6 months ago

SSRIs are a specific kind of antidepressant medication that affects a compound in the brain known as serotonin commonly-prescribed to treat depression. However, while half

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