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Stimulating the Brain with Magnetic Energy Could Help People with Obesity

4 days ago

According to scientists, stimulating the brain with magnetic energy could curb food cravings in people with obesity. Researchers in Italy investigated whether a technique called

Scientists Keep Pigs Brain Alive Outside the Body

4 weeks ago

A new, sort of bizarre advancement has been achieved. Scientists can now keep pig brains alive outside a body for at least 36 hours. Using

Researchers Image Hidden Process Inside Brain During Learning

1 month ago

When our brains learn new things there is a hidden biological process that occurs. Now, researchers at Thomas Jefferson University have managed to capture that

New Research Shows Promise About Ways to Treat Depression

1 month ago

SSRIs are a specific kind of antidepressant medication that affects a compound in the brain known as serotonin commonly-prescribed to treat depression. However, while half

Could CRISPR Cure A Debilitating Genetic Brain Disease?

1 month ago

CRISPR is a fast, efficient gene-editing technology which has already shown it can accomplish incredible things with plants and with animal embryos, changing the very

New Study Finds Bee Colonies as a Whole Act Like the Human Brain

2 months ago

A new study published in the journal Scientific Reports has found that when bee colonies are observed as a whole, as in they are viewed

New Brain Scan Helmet Could Revolutionize the Way we Study Neurological Disorders

2 months ago

When it comes to dealing with mental and neurological disorders there are many challenges. For instance, it is very hard for a child or even

What if We Told You We Could Back Up Your Mind?

2 months ago

A new startup company promises to kill all of its users. With backing from the startup accelerator Y Combinator, Nectome wants to preserve your brain

The Next Cure for Disease Could Be a Chip in Your Brain

3 months ago

Technological innovations such as the brain-computer interface (BCIs) could eventually enhance human intelligence, memory, and communication and although this type of tech is intriguing when

Neuroscientists Have Developed a New Technique for Recreating Images Perceived by the Human Brain

3 months ago

Neuroscientists from the University of Toronto in Scarborough have developed a new technique for recreating images perceived by the human brain based on electroencephalography (EEG)