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Chinese Startups Raised more Venture Capital than American Startups in 2018

2 weeks ago

Crunchbase’s aggregated venture funding data which is, current as of this morning, shows that Chinese startups raised more venture capital than American startups so far

Fleet: Plug and Play Satellite IoT

1 month ago

Founded in 2015 by Flavia Tata Nardini Fleet Space Technologies is an Australian agile space company connecting the Internet of Things around the world using

Ursa Space Systems: A Global Geospatial Intelligence Network

1 month ago

Ursa Space Systems was founded in 2014 by Adam Maher, Derek Edinger, and Julie Baker. As Maher explained, Ursa was founded after witnessing the disconnect

Rocket Lab: Space is Now Open for Business

1 month ago

Rocket Lab’s goal is to open access to space to improve life on Earth. The startup has developed and launched advanced rocket technology to provide

The Mayku FormBox: Bring Your Ideas to Life

2 months ago

Are you looking to bring your ideas to life? Then you’ll be interested in the startup company called Mayku, and their revolutionary product: The Mayku

Argo AI: Fully Autonomous Vehicles

2 months ago

Argo AI aims to address one of the most challenging applications in computer science, robotics and artificial intelligence: vehicles that are fully autonomous and able

Accern: Predictive News Analytics Datasets

2 months ago

Accern is a data design startup that offers predictive news analytics solutions to companies as a way to drive intelligent data decisions. Each day, the

Cellint Traffic solutions: Real-Time Traffic Monitoring and Congestion Detection

2 months ago

TrafficSense monitors population movements in all transportation modes and offers state of the art data and tools to best manage and optimize traffic and transportation

Thales: From Autonomous Trains to Smart Infrastructure

2 months ago

Thales is a leader in the Aerospace, Transport, and Defense and Security industries. As the company writes on their website, “the people we all rely

Intelligent Energy: PEM Fuel Cell Technologies

2 months ago

Intelligent Energy is a fuel cell engineering company which works on the development and commercialization of their PEM fuel cell technologies for a variety of

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