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China’s Chang’e-4 Lander and Rover Successfully Entered Lunar Orbit

3 days ago

After a four-and-half-day flight to the moon, the Chang’e-4 lander and rover spacecraft from China successfully entered lunar orbit on Wednesday. At 3:45 a.m. Eastern

China Unveils a Conceptual Design Report for their Next-Generation Particle Collider

2 weeks ago

China has unveiled a Conceptual Design Report (CDR) marking the next stage of their plans to develop a next-generation particle collider. Geoffrey Taylor from Australia’s

China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation is Promoting the Use of Lasers in Oil Exploitation and Space Exploration

4 weeks ago

China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation, a company that specializes in laser technologies and weapons, is promoting the use of lasers in oil exploitation and

China to Promote the Sharing of Satellite Data with Member States of the Asia-Pacific Space Cooperation Organization

4 weeks ago

In a bid to aid urban planning, agriculture, forest surveys, and disaster monitoring and assessment China intends to promote the sharing of satellite data with

CSU Unveils New Smart Solution for the Verification of Space Equipment

1 month ago

This past Friday, the Technology and Engineering Center for Space Utilization (CSU) under the Chinese Academy of Sciences unveiled a smart solution for ensuring that

Open Architecture and Xiaomi Unveil a Tiny Shelter Designed for Living on Mars

1 month ago

Recently Beijing held an event aimed at the future of housing. During this event, the company Open Architecture, in conjunction with Chinese electronics firm Xiaomi,

A New Fibre Developed by Tsinghua University in Beijing Could be Strong Enough to Build a Space Elevator

1 month ago

Could a new fibre developed by a research team from Tsinghua University in Beijing be strong enough to build a space elevator? According to the

Chinese Startups Raised more Venture Capital than American Startups in 2018

1 month ago

Crunchbase’s aggregated venture funding data which is, current as of this morning, shows that Chinese startups raised more venture capital than American startups so far

China’s First Attempt to Launch a Private Rocket Failed

2 months ago

China has been trying to outdo private space companies such as Elon Musk’s SpaceX. Unfortunately, a privately developed Chinese carrier rocket failed to reach orbit

China Plans to Launch an Artificial Moon into Space

2 months ago

In 2020 China has plans to launch an artificial moon into space with the goal of replacing street lights, according to Wu Chunfeng, chairman of

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