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Queqiao China’s Communication Satellite has Launched

4 days ago

China started the next stage of its ambitious lunar exploration project on May 20th, when it launched a communications satellite crafted to pave the way

RAM and ROM Could Be Replaced By Single Memory Invented by Chinese Researchers

1 month ago

There are two dominant types of computer memory and in fact they truly complete one another. ROM, which stands for read-only memory ensures our computers

New Virtual Reality Allows You to Experience the Afterlife

2 months ago

Virtual reality technology can transport us into all kinds of different worlds, from deep into the ocean or up to outer space. But now a

New Study Shows Mining for Metals in Scrapped Electronics Could Be Profitable

2 months ago

A new study shows that recovering metals from scrapped electronics, a process called urban mining, is far less expensive than mining them the typical way.

China’s Military Drone Program Enters New Phase of Development

2 months ago

Shi Wen, chief engineer and designer of China’s Caihong (CH) drone platform, said at a Beijing press conference that the country’s military drone program has

China is Producing Highly Sensitive Radars to Detect Mosquitoes

2 months ago

China is working on producing highly sensitive radars to detect mosquitoes. When ready, the new devices will be able to detect when a mosquito is

China’s Tiangong-1 Finally Re-Entered the Earth’s Atmosphere

2 months ago

Sunday evening marked the day that China’s Tiangong-1 finally re-entered the Earth’s atmosphere at 17,000mph and crashed in the Pacific Ocean. The China Manned Space

A Look Back at China’s Tiangong-1 Space Station

2 months ago

This week we reported that China’s Tiangong-1 space station is set to collide with Earth in the next few days. The space station was launched

China’s Hypersonic I-Plane Completes Successful Testing

3 months ago

Companies around the globe are looking to push faster flights. Japan is focusing on reintroducing supersonic speeds to aircraft and China has been working with

Baidu Unveils New Technology that Enables Voice Cloning in Seconds

3 months ago

Baidu, aka the Google of China, has just unveiled a  white paper detailing its most recent development in artificial intelligence (AI): a program that uses

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