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China’s Long March 9 Rocket Set to be Biggest in the World

2 days ago

China has been working on the 4,000 ton Long March 9 (LM-9),  which, when it flies around the year 2030, will be one of the

Researchers from a Top University in China Have Developed a Blockchain-Based Exchange to Trade Unused Power

1 week ago

When we think of a blockchain based exchange, we most likely think of cryptocurrency trading. However, a team of researchers, from one of the top

China Looks at Blasting Space Junk with Lasers

3 weeks ago

Over 500,000 pieces of human-made debris, also known as space junk, orbit the Earth as we speak, according to NASA. Many of these pieces of

Tiangong-2 Undergoes Possible Testing

1 month ago

China’s Tiangong-1 space station caused a stir earlier this year when it crashed to Earth. Now, it seems that China is working to ensure its

China Has New High-Tech Drones that Look Like Birds

2 months ago

The South China Morning Post reported that China has new high-tech drones that look like birds. The sneaky robotic spies, launched by more than 30

Chinese Scientists Believe they have Discovered a Functional Cure to the HIV Virus

2 months ago

Chinese scientists believe they have discovered a functional cure for HIV that can control the virus and get rid of infected cells in the bodies

China Has Announced Plans for A Space Station to be Inhabited by 2022

3 months ago

China has already announced their plan to have a space station in orbit and inhabited by 2022 less than two weeks after they launched a

Queqiao China’s Communication Satellite has Launched

3 months ago

China started the next stage of its ambitious lunar exploration project on May 20th, when it launched a communications satellite crafted to pave the way

RAM and ROM Could Be Replaced By Single Memory Invented by Chinese Researchers

4 months ago

There are two dominant types of computer memory and in fact they truly complete one another. ROM, which stands for read-only memory ensures our computers

New Virtual Reality Allows You to Experience the Afterlife

4 months ago

Virtual reality technology can transport us into all kinds of different worlds, from deep into the ocean or up to outer space. But now a

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