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Rasdaman: SQL-Embedded Array Query Language

1 month ago

Today a large part of “Big Data” is in the form of gridded data such as “arrays” and “raster data.” Traditional representatives include spatiotemporal sensors,

Information Gathered from Past Space Weather Could Help us Learn More About Future Cosmic Events

2 months ago

Information gathered from past space weather could help us learn more about future cosmic events, in turn, this could help us plan for any potential

KELT-9b is the Hottest Alien World Ever Found

2 months ago

Astronomers have discovered iron and titanium in the atmosphere of an exoplanet for the first time ever. The exoplanet, known as KELT-9b, is the hottest

Timicoin/TimiHealth Reiterates Their Commitment to the Tokenization of Healthcare Data

2 months ago

In a recent announcement, Timicoin/TimiHealth reiterated their commitment to the tokenization of healthcare data via the issuance of their broad scope of trademarks in conjunction

Grapevine World Offers Blockchain-Based Platform for the Safe and Secure Exchange of Health Data

3 months ago

When it comes to healthcare data, it’s imperative that the data be accessible yet secure. Thus, Grapevine World is a decentralized ecosystem that aims to

Leading Innovation in Vibration Testing, Condition Monitoring, & Data Acquisition

4 months ago

Crystal Instruments was founded in 1996 by James Zhuge and Justin Tang. James Zhuge was also one of the original founders of Dactron Incorporated, which

City Science: Endless Possibilities

4 months ago

Founded by Glenn Woodcock and Laurence Oakes-Ash in 2015, City Science is “an ambitious new technology company developing data-tools and software solutions to optimize city systems.” City

New Study May Solve the Mystery of Rock Formation on Mars

4 months ago

A mysterious rock formation on Mars has puzzled scientists for many years but now a new study published in the Journal of Geophysical Research finds

Iceye SAR for the New Space Era

5 months ago

Founded in 2012 by Pekka Laurila and Rafal Modrzewski Iceye, located in Espoo, Southern Finland,  employs new, commercial space technology to provide real-time information services for primarily maritime industry needs.

The General Data Protection Regulation is Now in Effect: Here’s what that Means

5 months ago

A new law went into effect this past Friday, shaking up business in the European Union and, by extension, the United States. Both continents have

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