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Scientists Might Have Discovered an Important Clue to the Mystery of How Life on Earth Began

1 week ago

In the warm acidic waters at Yellowstone National Park, scientists believe they might have discovered an important clue to the mystery of how life on

NASA to Host a Pre-Launch Briefing for their GRACE-FO Mission

2 weeks ago

NASA will be hosting a pre-launch briefing for their Gravity Recovery and Climate Experiment Follow-On (GRACE-FO), the space agency’s latest Earth-observing satellite mission. The briefing

Asteroid 2010 WC9 is Set to Fly Past Earth Tonight

2 weeks ago

An asteroid estimated to span between 170-400 feet across, known as asteroid 2010 WC9 is set to fly past Earth today.  At about 6:05 pm

NASA’s Spacecrafts Help Scientists Find an Entirely New Magnetic Phenomenon

2 weeks ago

With the help of four NASA spacecraft, scientists have found an entirely new magnetic phenomenon in the outer reaches of Earth’s magnetic field, as reported

New Research Finds First Physical Evidence of the Changes in Earth’s Movement

2 weeks ago

Every 405,000 years the Earth moves from an almost circular path to a much more elliptical one around the sun because of the gravitational influence

A SpaceX Dragon Cargo Spacecraft is Set to Splashdown On Earth May 2

4 weeks ago

A SpaceX Dragon cargo spacecraft is scheduled to leave the International Space Station on Wednesday, May 2, after delivering over 5,800 pounds of science investigations

NASA and the ESA Sign Statement of Intent to Bring Samples from Mars to Earth

4 weeks ago

Late last week NASA and the European Space Agency signed a statement of intent about bringing samples from Mars back down to Earth. In doing

Asteroid Skims Earth This Week

1 month ago

Last weekend, mere hours before it approached Earth, Astronomers detected an asteroid at just half the distance to the moon. The asteroid was first seen

TESS: The First Step to Finding Life Beyond Earth

1 month ago

NASA Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite, or TESS has been delayed by at least 48 hours, however when the instrument finally launches into space it’s main

Constellation of Satellites Maps Earth’s Elusive Magnetic Field in Great Detail

1 month ago

A common fact is that the Moon’s activity controls our oceans’ tides, drawing water to and from coasts through its gravitational pull. However, a less

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