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Radio Amateurs and the Chinese Longjiang-2 spacecraft Captured an Image of the Far Side of the Moon

4 days ago

On October 10, radio amateurs from around the globe joined forces with the Chinese Longjiang-2 spacecraft to take a picture of the Earth and the

Branson Says Virgin Galactic Could Take its First Trip into Space in the Coming Weeks

2 weeks ago

As per Richard Branson, Virgin Galactic’s chief and founder, the firm will take its first trip into space in the coming weeks. Virgin Galactic is

Could Planet Nine Really Exist?

2 weeks ago

A strange 190-mile-wide space rock has been discovered by scientists, adding even more proof for the existence of ‘Planet Nine’—a mystery ‘super-Earth’ planet thought to

W.B. Walton Enterprises Prevents Snow and Ice Buildup on Satellite Earth Station Antennas

4 weeks ago

W.B. Walton Enterprises develops and builds a line of equipment that stops ice and snow from accumulating on satellite earth station antennas and is the

Earth-Tracking Satellite to Measure the Impact of Global Warming

1 month ago

The final launch of a Delta II rocket was victorious this past weekend, which sent an Earth-tracking satellite built in Arizona into space to assist

ESA Satellite is the First to Directly Measure Wind Speed and Direction from Earth’s Surface to the Stratosphere

2 months ago

A European Space Agency (ESA) satellite is scheduled for launch from French Guiana today—after almost twenty years of demanding engineering and a weather delay. This

Scientists Find Eclipse Generates a Localized Short-Term Cooling of Earth

2 months ago

A large part of the United States saw a fleeting shadow cast by the moon on August 21, 2017. The event covered 14 states and

Venus Will Shine Bright in August

3 months ago

All cosmic events are of interest to Asgardia, the first ever space nation, as they work towards their goals of ensuring the peaceful use of

All About the September Equinox

3 months ago

The September equinox will arrive on September 23, 2018 at 1:54 UTC. Of course, the equinox takes place at the same moment worldwide, but the

The ESA is Working on a Second Mission to Support Planetary Defence Efforts

3 months ago

Faced with numerous threats such as solar storms and potentially dangerous asteroids, Asgardia believes we need to prioritize our collective efforts to protect the Earth.

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