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The ESA’s Space Rider Demo Flight Set for 2021

8 hours ago

In 2021, The European Space Agency (ESA) believes they will perform the qualification flight of the Space Rider spaceplane followed by multiple demonstration missions before

NASA’s Orion Spacecraft is One Step Closer to its First Moon Mission

1 week ago

Built to hold people, NASA’s Orion spacecraft is one step closer to its first mission to fly around the moon and back, according to a

BepiColombo the Third Mission to Mercury Launches Tonight

4 weeks ago

It’s been almost one and a half decades since a spacecraft was sent toward Mercury. Luckily, you’ll get the chance to watch a rocket do

New EU Ariane 6 Carrier Rocket Will Facilitate Crewed Space Flights

1 month ago

President of the Ariane Group Alain Charmeau discussed how the new EU Ariane 6 carrier rocket will be able to fulfill many different tasks such

It’s World Space Week!

1 month ago

Are you a big fan of outer space? Then you won’t want to miss World Space Week! Yesterday marked the first day of a weeklong

Unknown Sub-Structures to the Milky Way Found Due to Gaia Satellite Data

2 months ago

By analyzing data from the Gaia satellite, a team of researchers from the Institute of Cosmos Sciences of the University of Barcelona (ICCUB, UB-IEEC) and

RemoveDebris Satellite Successfully Catches a Piece of Space Junk

2 months ago

In a demonstration on how to successfully catch space debris a British satellite has deployed a net in orbit and done just that. The event

British NovaSAR Satellite Will Help Monitor Potentially Illegal Shipping Activity

2 months ago

The first all-British radar satellite was sent into orbit aboard an Indian rocket from the Satish Dhawan spaceport at 17:38 BST. Known as NovaSAR, this

Graphene Could be a New Way to Propel Satellites in Space

2 months ago

The viability of graphene for space applications will be tested by researchers and students in the Graphene Flagship in partnership with the European Space Agency

ESA Satellite is the First to Directly Measure Wind Speed and Direction from Earth’s Surface to the Stratosphere

3 months ago

A European Space Agency (ESA) satellite is scheduled for launch from French Guiana today—after almost twenty years of demanding engineering and a weather delay. This

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