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The United Kingdom Announces Plans to Construct its First Spaceport

4 weeks ago

After ten years of thought, the United Kingdom is ready to construct its first spaceport, and it thinks it’s found the perfect location: Sutherland, Scotland.

Tech Company, MARS Bioimaging, Releases First-of-its-Kind X-Ray Scanner

1 month ago

Phil and Anthony Butler are father and son but also business partners. The physics professor and bioengineering professor (respectively) have created a company called MARS

British Power Company, Ecotricity, is now Providing the World’s first Vegan Electricity

1 month ago

Ecotricity, a British power company is now providing what it has dubbed the world’s first vegan electricity, after warning that animal products can actually be

Chicago-Kent College of Law Announces First Daylong Event for the Legal Aspects of Blockchain Technology

2 months ago

Chicago-Kent College of Law recently announced that Block(Legal)Tech, the college’s first daylong event committed to the legal aspects of blockchain technology, will be hosted on

 SolarStratos Expected to be the First Solar-Powered Plane to fly into the Stratosphere

2 months ago

SunPower, one of the world’s most innovative and sustainable energy companies located in California’s Silicon Valley, has joined the Mission SolarStratos expedition as the exclusive

DLive The World’s First Blockchain Streaming Platform is Launching on Android

2 months ago

DLive, the world’s first and biggest streaming platform on the blockchain, announced that it’s launching on Android and is available for download on Google Play

The United States is Set to Get it’s First Ever 3D Human Organ Printing Factory

2 months ago

Thanks to 3D printing it is now possible for surgeons to hold a 3-D printed model of their patient’s heart in their hands before an

Stockton California to Test Universal Basic Income for the First Time in The USA

2 months ago

For many years, residents of Stockton, California, have dealt with rampant unemployment, poverty, and hardship. But now, a new experiment could change that for some.

First American Female Astronaut Sally Ride Honored With New Stamp

3 months ago

Last Wednesday, the US Postal Service introduced a stamp honouring Sally Ride, the first American woman to go to space. The stamps, which now cost

Boon Tech and Cashaa Partner to Create the First No-Fee Freelance Marketplace

3 months ago

Boon Tech, a blockchain based no-fee freelance marketplace where businesses and freelancers meet to carry out transactions involving freelance services has partnered with Cashaa. In

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