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Helsinki University Offers World’s First Free Online Artificial Intelligence Course

18 hours ago

Seeing as artificial intelligence has a fairly significant role in almost everyone’s life these days, it’s only fair that everyone should also have the chance

The First Scratch-and-Sniff Stamps will be Available this Summer from the U.S Postal Service

2 days ago

The U.S. Postal Service will be introducing the first scratch-and-sniff stamps, called Frozen Treats Forever stamps, on June 20 in Austin, TX. They have designed

NASA’s TESS Sends Back First Image as a Test

4 days ago

Over 200,000 pinpricks of light grace the image above, each spot is an immense knot of burning hot matter, an enormous distance away from Earth

Solar Bankers Node, the First Blockchain Node Run Purely on Solar Energy

1 week ago

Solar Bankers has officially announced the launch of its Solar Bankers Node, the first blockchain node run purely on solar energy. The Solar Bankers node

Researchers Use AI to Create the First Complete 3D Model of a Human Cell

1 week ago

Modern medicine has seen many great advances. We have scans, stains, and microscopes that allow us to see how the body is working. However, seeing

Jim Bridenstine Makes First Major Speech About NASA’s Future Plans for the Moon and Mars

2 weeks ago

Jim Bridenstine, NASA’s newly appointed chief, made his first major speech last week which discussed his support for the space agency’s plans to go back

SpaceX to Launch First Crewed Mission Later this Year

3 weeks ago

SpaceX was awarded $440 million six years ago, in order to develop a way to transport humans to space for NASA. The company was awarded

Academy – School of Blockchain Accepts First Blockchain Project for Their Incubator Accelerator Program

3 weeks ago

In a recent announcement the Academy – School of Blockchain (“Academy”), stated their acceptance of Disciplina as the first blockchain project to enter Academy’s Incubator

NASA Prepares for Its First Ever California Launch

3 weeks ago

If all goes according to plan NASA will make history this coming Saturday, with its first ever launch from California of a spacecraft bound for

First 3-D Microscopic Image is Taken by NASA on the Space Station

1 month ago

Standard flat imagery of space science is now relegated to the past for researchers at NASA’s Glenn Research Center and Procter & Gamble Co. (P&G). 

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