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Biometric Mirror Highlights How AI can be Biased and Why that’s a Problem

3 weeks ago

Humans tend to be naturally judgmental, almost always making internal snap judgements about someone when we first meet them. After looking at the person for

Kjell Lindgren to Perform Experiments on How to Deal with Health Issues in Space

4 weeks ago

No one likes getting sick but here on Earth, it’s a little easier to manage. Imagine getting a cold up in space? Well, that’s what

Rolls-Royce Announced Plans for a Flying Personal Vehicle that Could be Released by the Early 2020s

1 month ago

Rolls-Royce, the British luxury car and plane engine manufacturer, has announced plans to engineer a flying personal vehicle that could be released by the early 2020s.

NASA Proposes Future Tentative Plan to Explore Venus for Signs of Life

2 months ago

Venus is covered in thick, billowing sulfuric acid clouds, underneath which temperatures reach nearly a thousand degrees Fahrenheit. If you ended up standing on Venus’

Future Space Tourists Might Need to Get In Peak Shape

2 months ago

Last week, a ship from Richard Branson’s spaceflight company, Virgin Galactic, achieved supersonic speed in a test run for the second time. Meaning that the first

The Future of Mobile Broadband

3 months ago

Phasor Solutions was founded in 2005 by Anglo Scientific Ltd and Richard Mayo. The company develops flat antennas that are thin, modular, have no moving

Autonomous Boats Could Help Ease Traffic in Some Cities

3 months ago

According to new research from MIT fleets of self-driving boats that are made cheaply through 3D printing aren’t actually that far off.  And while self-driving

Tech Highlights from the Fujitsu Forum

3 months ago

Here are a few highlights from the Fujitsu Forum held in Tokyo last week: AR Sports By using an augmented reality (AR) kit that includes

Uber Invites 6 Architecture Firms to Share Their Vision of the Future of Flying Taxi Infrastructure

3 months ago

On Day One of Uber’s Elevate 2018 Summit they revealed a pretty detailed look at what the company wants their flying taxis to look like.

The U.S. House of Representatives has Issued Legislation for the Future of NASA

3 months ago

The U.S. House of Representatives has issued legislation for the future of NASA, which proposes that $10 million be spent each year for the next

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