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Here’s How a Space Elevator Could Transport us to Space

3 months ago

An elevator to space may sound like the work of science-fiction, and although it’s not a reality just yet, it’s actually been looked into by

Google Glass Could Help Industrial Workers be More Productive

3 months ago

Technical director for Google Cloud, Jennifer Bennett, announced that Google Glass would be making a come back. But now the company has decided to gear

DeepMind Tests AI on General Intelligence

3 months ago

Although Artificial Intelligence has gotten quite good at completing specific tasks, AI is still a long way off from having general intelligence, the kind of

Two Google StreetView Mapping Cars will be Equipped with Air Quality Sensors to Measure Air Pollution

4 months ago

Next month, two Google StreetView mapping cars will be equipped with air quality sensors to measure the pollution levels on London streets. As it continues

Google’s New AI Can Piece Together It’s Surroundings Without the Help of Humans

4 months ago

Without seeing the object, Google’s new type of artificial intelligence algorithm can still determine what things look like from all angles. The Generative Query Network

Google Unveils New “Duplex” AI

5 months ago

Google’s new “Duplex” AI was revealed this week during the company’s annual I/O developer conference. Duplex features a very realistic AI-powered computer voice that can

Gmail Gets New Features and Added Bonuses for Privacy

6 months ago

Yesterday, Google revealed a novel design for its popular Gmail service, for both desktop and mobile users, promising new AI-enhanced features to boost productivity and

Google Searches About Syphilis Help Public Health Officials Predict New Cases

6 months ago

When we get a weird itch or a bump, the first thing we most likely do is Google it. Trying to reassure ourselves and save

Google’s Parent Company Plans Toronto’s First Smart City Project for 2020

6 months ago

Reuters reported that Google’s parent company, Alphabet, and its “urban innovation company,” Sidewalk Labs, intend to start a new Toronto smart city project by 2020.

XPrize will Continue Competition With or Without Sponsored Prize

7 months ago

Although, X Prize, a competition which challenged private firms to land a spacecraft on the moon, sponsored by Google for it’s $30 million dollar reward,

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