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Google Unveils New “Duplex” AI

2 weeks ago

Google’s new “Duplex” AI was revealed this week during the company’s annual I/O developer conference. Duplex features a very realistic AI-powered computer voice that can

Gmail Gets New Features and Added Bonuses for Privacy

4 weeks ago

Yesterday, Google revealed a novel design for its popular Gmail service, for both desktop and mobile users, promising new AI-enhanced features to boost productivity and

Google Searches About Syphilis Help Public Health Officials Predict New Cases

1 month ago

When we get a weird itch or a bump, the first thing we most likely do is Google it. Trying to reassure ourselves and save

Google’s Parent Company Plans Toronto’s First Smart City Project for 2020

1 month ago

Reuters reported that Google’s parent company, Alphabet, and its “urban innovation company,” Sidewalk Labs, intend to start a new Toronto smart city project by 2020.

XPrize will Continue Competition With or Without Sponsored Prize

2 months ago

Although, X Prize, a competition which challenged private firms to land a spacecraft on the moon, sponsored by Google for it’s $30 million dollar reward,

New AI Powered by Google Could Help Protect the World’s Forests

2 months ago

When it comes to the world’s forests we know there is a threat. In fact, we lose somewhere between 80,000 and 150,000 square kilometers, every

Google Intends to Embrace a Blockchain-Like Ledger System as a Way of Supporting its Cloud Business

2 months ago

Google started acquiring blockchain startups between 2012 and 2017,  before the majority of people even knew what the blockchain was and what they could do

Google Just Made it Easier to Find New Exoplanets

2 months ago

In 2017, an artificial intelligence (AI) network, outfitted with data from the Kepler space telescope, found two new exoplanets. Currently, citizen scientists looking to support

Google Unveils Bristlecone the New 72 Qubit Quantum Computer

3 months ago

The field of quantum computing, where a processor handles a range of inputs and outputs at once , has made big advances over the last

New Capsule Networks Could Address Current AI Limitations

3 months ago

Notwithstanding the greater part of the seemingly beneficial hype over artificial intelligence (AI) and artificial neural networks, current frameworks require enormous amounts of information to

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