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Blockchain Technology can Help the Healthcare Industry Provide Better Value

2 days ago

One of the best ways, if not the best way, for the healthcare industry to establish value for all stakeholders involved is to ensure fast

Timicoin/TimiHealth Reiterates Their Commitment to the Tokenization of Healthcare Data

1 week ago

In a recent announcement, Timicoin/TimiHealth reiterated their commitment to the tokenization of healthcare data via the issuance of their broad scope of trademarks in conjunction

Grapevine World Offers Blockchain-Based Platform for the Safe and Secure Exchange of Health Data

2 weeks ago

When it comes to healthcare data, it’s imperative that the data be accessible yet secure. Thus, Grapevine World is a decentralized ecosystem that aims to

Kjell Lindgren to Perform Experiments on How to Deal with Health Issues in Space

3 weeks ago

No one likes getting sick but here on Earth, it’s a little easier to manage. Imagine getting a cold up in space? Well, that’s what

How to Handle Emergency Medical Care in Space

3 weeks ago

Just like NASA and other space agencies, Asgardia is looking at the long-term objective of living in space or into long-haul journeys to places like

5 Healthcare Technologies Invented Because of Space Exploration

3 weeks ago

Did you know astronauts on the International Space Station are growing crystals that could help produce new drugs to use here on Earth? In fact,

Early Findings from NASA’s Twin Study Have Now Been Confirmed

3 weeks ago

NASA performed a study on twins where one twin was sent into space and the other remained down on Earth for one year. That study

Scientists Find a Way to Reverse Wrinkles and Hair Loss Related to Old Age

3 weeks ago

The scientific and technological envelope of Asgardia is a space arena for the scientific creativity of its citizens and companies in developing a broad range

A Robot Chemist Could Transform the Way New Molecules are Found

4 weeks ago

By employing machine learning techniques scientists have engineered a robot chemist that could transform the way new molecules are found. Finding new molecules may help

The FDA has Approved Tecovirimat (Tpoxx), the First Drug Designed to Treat Small Pox

4 weeks ago

The FDA has approved tecovirimat (Tpoxx), the first drug designed to treat small pox, an infectious disease, which kills about 30 percent of the people who

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