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Why Sleeping in on Weekends Is Good for Your Health

18 hours ago

An expanding body of research is shedding light on the importance of getting a good night’s sleep, with many studies showing that a chronic lack

Nanoparticles Made of Tea Leaves Destroyed 80 Percent of Cancer Cells in New Study

3 days ago

In a recent study, scientists from Wales and India used tea leaves to make nanoparticles which destroyed up to 80 percent of lung cancer cells.

Researchers Reversed Symptoms of Alzheimer’s Disease in Fruit Flies

1 week ago

By altering the production of certain enzymes researchers have reversed symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease in fruit flies. This discovery may help to further explore epigenetics

New Footage Could Help Lead to an HIV Vaccine

2 weeks ago

In a world first, scientists have captured the moment an HIV-infected T cell passes the virus to a new host. The footage is now assisting

Exercising While Undergoing Cancer Treatment Can Improve Health

2 weeks ago

We know that there is much evidence backing up the fact that exercising is beneficial for you health. But now doctors at the Clinical Oncology

New Study Pinpoints 5 Habits that Could Extend the Average Lifespan by Over a Decade

3 weeks ago

In a major new study, scientists have pinpointed five habits that could extend the average human life span by more than ten years. Researchers at

Mammoth Biosciences’ Currently Developing an At-Home CRISPR Diagnostics Kit

3 weeks ago

A new biotech company co-founded by CRISPR pioneer Jennifer Doudna, called Mammoth Biosciences is now developing an at-home CRISPR diagnostics kit. If the kit manages

Scientists Develop a New CRISPR Tool that Allows Researchers to Watch CRISPR

4 weeks ago

CRISPR-Cas9, the incredible gene-editing tool is a single technology that can help kill superbugs, slow cancer’s growth, and potentially end world hunger. Currently a team

Google Searches About Syphilis Help Public Health Officials Predict New Cases

1 month ago

When we get a weird itch or a bump, the first thing we most likely do is Google it. Trying to reassure ourselves and save

New Compound May Move Male Birth Control One Step Further

1 month ago

A new study published in the journal PLOS ONE, showed that a compound named EP055 was promising when it came to slowing down the sperm

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