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Are You Interested in Landing on the Moon? NASA Wants Your Ideas!

2 months ago

Are you interested in landing on the moon? If so, NASA wants your ideas! The space agency has opened a submission period for commercial moon-lander

Partnerships Between Humans and Smart Machines can Enhance a Workers’ Abilities

3 months ago

Did you know a partnership between humans and smart machines can enhance a workers’ abilities and drastically improve performance, safety, and worker satisfaction? A prime

NASA’s ATom Mission Examines the Impact of Human-Produced Air Pollution

4 months ago

NASA’s Atmospheric Tomography Mission, known as ATom, will examine the impact of human-produced air pollution on greenhouse gases and chemically reactive gases in the atmosphere.

Blue Origin Successfully Tests New Escape Motor

5 months ago

Asgardia is the first-ever space nation that is open to all. With its name stemming from the Viking Age myths of Asgard, a world that

NASA Signs Deal with the UAE to Cooperate on Human Spaceflight

5 months ago

NASA has just signed a deal with the UAE to cooperate on human spaceflight. NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine tweeted about the joint letter of intent,

New AI Gives Healthcare Advice Just as Well as a Human Doctor

5 months ago

As per research published on the preprint server arXiv.org, a new artificial intelligence platform has shown the ability to give healthcare advice that is as

The United States is Set to Get it’s First Ever 3D Human Organ Printing Factory

6 months ago

Thanks to 3D printing it is now possible for surgeons to hold a 3-D printed model of their patient’s heart in their hands before an

Scientists Were Able to Shut Off Aggressive Behavior in Mice

7 months ago

For weeks at a time, scientists were able to shut off aggressive behaviour in mice. They did this by harnessing the power of a not

Play Eyewire. Map the Human Brain.

7 months ago

An accurate map of the human brain could make many of our hopes for the future come true. From things like a cure for Alzheimer’s

Human Rights Organizations Pen the Toronto Declaration on Machine Learning

7 months ago

When it comes to developing artificial intelligence many experts want guidelines to protect people from discriminatory algorithms. Recently, a group of humans rights organizations including

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