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Human Rights Organizations Pen the Toronto Declaration on Machine Learning

3 days ago

When it comes to developing artificial intelligence many experts want guidelines to protect people from discriminatory algorithms. Recently, a group of humans rights organizations including

Researchers Use AI to Create the First Complete 3D Model of a Human Cell

1 week ago

Modern medicine has seen many great advances. We have scans, stains, and microscopes that allow us to see how the body is working. However, seeing

A Trio of Japanese Firms Have Developed a Transformer Robot

4 weeks ago

A trio of Japanese firms have developed a prototype called J-deite Ride, which is a 12-foot tall Japanese humanoid robot that can reconstruct into a

Fossilized Prints Show Human Interaction With Giant Sloths Some 10,000 Years Ago

4 weeks ago

Scientists believe humans stalked and then confronted a giant ground sloth, not once but several times in the past, thanks to a striking set of

NASA to Hold Media Briefing on it’s Work Toward Human Deep Space Exploration

1 month ago

On Thursday, April 26, NASA is inviting the media to  the agency’s Johnson Space Center in Houston to see how engineers and scientists are helping

Researchers Study Human Eyebrows to Explain Evolution of Communication

1 month ago

It might not seem obvious but us humans have highly expressive eyebrows which actually play a key role in the non-verbal communication of our feelings

Researchers Have Unearthed What Could be the Earliest Human Footprints Ever Found in North America

2 months ago

It is estimated that 110 billion people have lived on Earth at one point or another. Therefore, if we walk 10,000 steps a day and

New Study Finds Bee Colonies as a Whole Act Like the Human Brain

2 months ago

A new study published in the journal Scientific Reports has found that when bee colonies are observed as a whole, as in they are viewed

DARPA Looks for Ways to Slow Human Body Biology to Extend the Lives of Injured Soldiers

3 months ago

The longer it takes a battlefield medic to treat a seriously injured soldier, the more likely it is that the soldier won’t survive. In order

Researchers from Japan Alter a Single DNA Base in the Human Genome

3 months ago

Gene editing holds the power to ultimately reshape our world. From things like fixing the genetic faults that cause disease, to eradicating disease-causing microbes, to

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