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Senator Bill Nelson Fights to Extend ISS Operations

4 days ago

Although Sen. Bill Nelson’s (D-Fla.) political career is coming to an end, as well as the current Congress Nelson said that he’s continuing to fight

A Rodent Problem has Delayed SpaceX’s Next Resupply Mission Until Tomorrow

2 weeks ago

A rodent problem has caused SpaceX’s next resupply mission to the International Space Station to be postponed until tomorrow (Dec. 5). Technicians were preparing a

Canadian Astronaut, David Saint-Jacques, Prepares for Launch to the ISS

2 weeks ago

David Saint-Jacques, 48, is in the final stage of preparations for the first crewed Russian rocket launch since October’s Soyuz rocket failure. The Canadian astronaut

The ESA Would Like to Keep Working with the UK Space Program

3 weeks ago

In a short visit to Athens, Greece, Jan Worner, ESA Director General started his speech by saying that it might come as a surprise to

Researchers Find 5 Strains of the Bacterium Enterobacter from Areas On Board the ISS

3 weeks ago

Researchers have discovered five strains of the bacterium Enterobacter from areas aboard the International Space Station (ISS). They are now calling for further careful research

Scientists Will Perform New Experiment in Space to Create Materials that can’t be Made on Earth

4 weeks ago

A new project undertaken by scientists could see new materials created in space with properties that are impossible to develop on our home planet. The

Antares Rocket Set to Bring 7,200 pounds of Crew Supplies and Hardware to the ISS

1 month ago

Are you an early bird? Do you live on the East Coast? If so, you may be in for a special treat tomorrow, Nov 15.

First Launch Since Soyuz Rocket Failure Scheduled For Thursday

1 month ago

Astronauts have continually lived aboard the International Space Station since 2000, arriving and departing in crews of two to seven at a time. And now

Will Canada Supply Robotics for the New Lunar Gateway?

1 month ago

The space sector has eyes on Ottawa this week, looking to see whether Canada will sign on to become part of a historic NASA project

Buzz Aldrin Takes the First Ever Space Selfie 52 Years Ago Today

1 month ago

Buzz Aldrin took the first selfie in space while standing on his seat and hanging out of an open hatch while he was on the

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