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The European and Japanese Space Agencies are Set to Launch the Next Mission to Mercury

3 days ago

Mercury lies some 35 million miles from the sun depending on its orbit and has virtually no atmosphere, making it one of the most mysterious

Orbital ATK is Set to Launch its Ninth Contracted Mission to the International Space Station

1 week ago

Orbital ATK, NASA’s commercial cargo provider is set to launch its ninth contracted mission to the International Space Station at 5:04 a.m. EDT on Sunday,

Lifesdna, an AI Search Engine and Decentralized Marketplace Will Launch During Blockchain Week NYC

2 weeks ago

Lifesdna, an artificial intelligence (AI) search engine and decentralized marketplace is launching during Blockchain Week NYC. The project has a focus on access, security, intelligence

SpaceX to Launch First Crewed Mission Later this Year

3 weeks ago

SpaceX was awarded $440 million six years ago, in order to develop a way to transport humans to space for NASA. The company was awarded

NASA Prepares to Go Back to the Moon

3 weeks ago

As part of an overall agency Exploration Campaign that supports Space Policy Directive 1, NASA is going back to the Moon with both commercial and

NASA Prepares for Its First Ever California Launch

3 weeks ago

If all goes according to plan NASA will make history this coming Saturday, with its first ever launch from California of a spacecraft bound for

Blue Origin Completes Successful Test of their Reusable Launch System

3 weeks ago

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos’s has a space company called Blue Origin, which has successfully finished their most recent test flight for their fully reusable launch

NASA’s Next Mars Rover On Schedule For Launch Despite Heat Shield Failure

4 weeks ago

As per a recent announcement from NASA, the heat shield that was there to protect NASA’s next Mars rover during its dangerous landing on the

Mars Lander and it’s Two CubeSats Set to Launch May 5

1 month ago

NASA’s Mars lander is set to launch on May 5, accompanied by two tiny hitchhiker satellites, the first spacecraft of their size to leave the

The EDF Plans to Launch Satellite to Help Detect Methane Leaks from the Atmosphere

1 month ago

When it comes to greenhouse gases, methane is one of the top problems, with a heat-trapping ability 25 times that of carbon dioxide (CO2) over

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