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Could the Future of Medicine Lie in Nanobots?

2 months ago

According to futurist Ray Kurzweil, we should have armies of microscopic robots flowing through our bodies by the year 2030. These tiny bots will be

5 Healthcare Technologies Invented Because of Space Exploration

4 months ago

Did you know astronauts on the International Space Station are growing crystals that could help produce new drugs to use here on Earth? In fact,

Early Findings from NASA’s Twin Study Have Now Been Confirmed

4 months ago

NASA performed a study on twins where one twin was sent into space and the other remained down on Earth for one year. That study

NASA Looks to Gene Therapy to Keep Future Space Explorers Healthy

4 months ago

For the past 50 years, space travel advocates like Asgardia have been working toward expanding our footprint in space with the idea of lunar bases,

Scientists Find a Way to Reverse Wrinkles and Hair Loss Related to Old Age

4 months ago

The scientific and technological envelope of Asgardia is a space arena for the scientific creativity of its citizens and companies in developing a broad range

A Robot Chemist Could Transform the Way New Molecules are Found

4 months ago

By employing machine learning techniques scientists have engineered a robot chemist that could transform the way new molecules are found. Finding new molecules may help

Scientists May Have Discovered a Cure to Many Old Age-Related Illnesses

4 months ago

Signs of old age include brittle bones, slower thinking and failure in certain organs. However, scientists have now been able to stop the unpleasant side

New Study Proves DNMs are Not a Side Effect in CRISPR Treatment

4 months ago

Although CRISPR is a promising new tool, there’s a crucial question that hasn’t been answered: will it leave any unwanted side effects? Seeing as CRISPR

Drinking 4 Cups of Coffee Per Day Could Help Protect Heart Cells

5 months ago

New research has found that drinking four cups of coffee per day could trigger a process that protects heart cells. Researchers examined the link between

Hypnosis Could Help Reduce Anxiety in Children Undergoing Cancer Treatment

5 months ago

Researchers have found that hypnosis could assuage the anxiety that children feel while undergoing cancer treatment. Any cancer diagnosis is scary enough and can come

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