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Could Satellite Communication Systems (SATCOMs) be too Easy to Hack?

11 hours ago

Satellite communication systems (SATCOMs) allow us to send and receive information from around the world; they are the power behind our internet, TVs, phones, radios,

Deep Space Communication

11 hours ago

Each NASA mission requires a communications system to receive commands and other information sent from Earth to the spacecraft and to send back scientific data

NASA’s Solar Electric Propulsion Project

3 days ago

NASA’s missions are working toward extending a human presence across our solar system, from the Moon to Mars and beyond. However, another aspect of this

NASA Officially Launches Parker Solar Probe

3 days ago

As NASA stated what better day to launch the Parker Solar Probe then Sunday? Yesterday, marked the official launch of the Parker Solar Probe, which

The ESA is Working on a Second Mission to Support Planetary Defence Efforts

3 weeks ago

Faced with numerous threats such as solar storms and potentially dangerous asteroids, Asgardia believes we need to prioritize our collective efforts to protect the Earth.

NASA is Working on the First-Ever Mission that Will Deflect a Near-Earth Asteroid

3 weeks ago

Asgardia’s long-term goal is to establish habitable platforms in space. However, for that to become a reality one of the most important things is to

RemoveDEBRIS Mission Aims to Clean Up Space Junk

3 weeks ago

Asgardia believes that new space law has to equally protect the interests of every human being on Earth. Part of that means protecting individuals and

NASA’s Cassini mission’s Grand Finale has been Nominated for an Emmy

4 weeks ago

NASA’s Vision is to reach for new heights and reveal the unknown for the benefit of humankind. This echoes Asgardia’s vision of ensuring the peaceful use

NASA is Working on Robotic Refueling Mission 3 to Advance Deep Space Exploration

1 month ago

For more than fifty years, space exploration has captured our attention. Now, NASA plans to propel human spaceflight beyond low-Earth orbit and continue the legacy

A General Dynamics Mission Systems and NASA Team Successfully Completes Milestone

1 month ago

A General Dynamics Mission Systems and NASA team successfully completed a milestone with the installation and initial verification of equipment required to upgrade two NASA

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