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China’s Chang’e-4 Lander and Rover Successfully Entered Lunar Orbit

3 days ago

After a four-and-half-day flight to the moon, the Chang’e-4 lander and rover spacecraft from China successfully entered lunar orbit on Wednesday. At 3:45 a.m. Eastern

Is a Lunar Base Better than the Proposed Lunar Orbital Gateway?

2 weeks ago

Craig Davidson (presented by Zubrin) authored a paper on why a lunar base is better than the proposed Lunar Orbital Platform-Gateway (LOP-G) for the advancement

A NASA Team is Working to Compile Data from Seismometers Set on the Moon 50 Years Ago

2 weeks ago

NASA’s InSight probe touched down on Mars earlier this week. It is equipped with a sensitive seismometer to measure the Red Planet’s rumblings. As it

Three Small Particles of Lunar Matter Sold at Auction for $700,000 to $1 million USD

2 weeks ago

Three small particles of lunar matter were on sale at Sotheby’s Space Exploration auction, which took place in New York this month. Sotheby’s described these

Here’s How the Clementine Lunar Orbiter Influenced Spaceflight Today

3 weeks ago

Over 500,000 people watched as Apollo 17, the last human-crewed mission to the moon, took off from the Kennedy Space Center on December 7, 1972.

Here’s a Vision of a Future Moon Base that Could be Produced and Maintained Using 3-D Printing

3 weeks ago

A new project led by the ESA is looking into the ways that 3-D printing could be used to craft and run a habitat on

Meet the Lunar Resource Prospector, a New Type of Rover

4 weeks ago

Lunar Outpost, the space technology startup recently unveiled their rover concept to the public, known as the Lunar Resource Prospector. These rovers could help lay

Is NASA Moving too Slowly on Plans for Lunar Gateway?

4 weeks ago

During a meeting of the National Space Council’s Users’ Advisory Group (UAG). NASA’s plan for returning to the Moon was met with opposition. Both members

NASA Says Moon Could be the Next Space Destination but Mars is Still an End Goal

1 month ago

Jim Bridenstine, NASA’s chief has stated that the moon could be the next space destination for American astronauts. However, Mars is still an enticing destination.

Hungarian Astronomers and Physicists Confirmed the Existence of Two Earth-orbiting “Moons”

1 month ago

After more than 50 years of supposition and controversy, Hungarian astronomers and physicists believe they have finally confirmed the existence of two Earth-orbiting “moons” entirely

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