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Roscosmos Will Perform 3 Uncrewed Launches Leading Up to the Next ISS Mission

2 days ago

Roscosmos, Russia’s space agency will perform three uncrewed launches before 2018 is finished leading up to the next human-crewed mission in space, according to Sergei

Are You Interested in Landing on the Moon? NASA Wants Your Ideas!

2 days ago

Are you interested in landing on the moon? If so, NASA wants your ideas! The space agency has opened a submission period for commercial moon-lander

A Team of Physicists from Germany Created a BEC in Space

3 days ago

For many years, scientists have used laser light and electromagnetic fields to chill puffs of gas to within a billionth of a degree of absolute

NASA’s Kepler Telescope May Have Sent its Last Data to Earth

3 days ago

NASA’s Kepler space telescope, responsible for revolutionizing the study of exoplanets, may have sent its last data back to Earth. Managers halted the craft’s latest

Radio Amateurs and the Chinese Longjiang-2 spacecraft Captured an Image of the Far Side of the Moon

3 days ago

On October 10, radio amateurs from around the globe joined forces with the Chinese Longjiang-2 spacecraft to take a picture of the Earth and the

China Plans to Launch an Artificial Moon into Space

3 days ago

In 2020 China has plans to launch an artificial moon into space with the goal of replacing street lights, according to Wu Chunfeng, chairman of

A SpaceX Rocket and a Boeing Spacecraft will Begin Transporting the ISS Crew in 2019

3 days ago

In 2019, U.S. astronauts will no longer need to ride on the Russian Soyuz rocket to reach the International Space Station, according to NASA. Both

NASA is Working on a Conceptual Human-Crewed Mission to Venus

3 days ago

Although Venus is probably not the number one destination for aspiring space tourists due to it being a hellish world of infernal temperatures, with a

Roscosmos Says Both Astronauts Aboard the Failed Soyuz Flight Will Fly Again Next Year

5 days ago

The Russian Soyuz rocket failed just after liftoff on October 11, causing the two-person crew to abort the mission in mid-flight. But now, the head

Heads of Space Agencies to Meet in Moscow in November

6 days ago

The heads of the space agencies taking part in the International Space Station (ISS) Program will talk about their further cooperation at a conference dedicated

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