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NASA’s Mars InSight lander Prepares to Deploy it’s Self-Hammering Heat Probe

2 days ago

NASA’s Mars InSight lander has settled on Elysium Planitia and is getting ready to use its instruments. If everything goes according to plan, one device’s

NASA’s OSIRIS-REx Probe Discovers Hydrated Minerals on Bennu

4 days ago

NASA’s OSIRIS-REx probe arrived at Bennu last week and has already discovered hydrated minerals on the 1,640-foot-wide (500 meters) near-Earth asteroid, according to an announcement

Senator Bill Nelson Fights to Extend ISS Operations

4 days ago

Although Sen. Bill Nelson’s (D-Fla.) political career is coming to an end, as well as the current Congress Nelson said that he’s continuing to fight

There’s Still Hope for NASA’s Opportunity Mars Rover

4 days ago

Ever since a massive dust storm took place on Mars this past summer, NASA’s Opportunity Mars rover has been silent since June 10, leading to

The American Geophysical Union Begins their Fall Meeting in Washington Today

5 days ago

Today, The American Geophysical Union begins their one-week fall meeting in Washington, which includes remarks from NASA officials and a variety of space panel discussions.

Voyager 2 has Officially Entered Interstellar Space

5 days ago

NASA has just announced that the time has come to say goodbye to one of the most famous explorers of our age: Voyager 2. The

NASA’s Mars InSight lander’s Robotic Arm is Ready for Lifting

1 week ago

New photos taken by NASA’s Mars InSight lander demonstrates its robotic arm is ready to do some lifting. With a reach of almost 6 feet

BepiColombo Mission to Mercury Accomplishes a Key Milestone

1 week ago

Although the BepiColombo mission to Mercury that launched on Oct. 19 has a seven-year journey ahead of it, the spacecraft has already accomplished a key

Lockheed Martin Develops a Lunar Habitat Prototype for NASA’s Lunar Gateway

1 week ago

At their Cape Canaveral, Florida-based facility, Lockheed Martin has developed a lunar habitat prototype for NASA’s Lunar Gateway, which is scheduled to launch by 2024,

NASA’s Probes to Shed Light on Long Standing Cosmic Mysteries

1 week ago

On Monday an NASA’s asteroid-mining mission, the OSIRIS-REx probe officially arrived at Bennu, the 500-meter-wide asteroid. The spacecraft will spend months here, then descend to

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