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Fry Egg, A Blockchain Based Fitness Platform Explodes onto the Crypto Market

4 weeks ago

20-year-old CEO, Tristan Chaudhry, has successfully launched his first company, which has already done well in the cryptocurrency market today. His unique brand, Fry Egg,

Greeneum Creates the First Blockchain-Powered Sustainable, Scalable and Secure Energy and Data Trading Platform

1 month ago

The world’s first blockchain-powered sustainable, scalable and secure energy and data trading platform has been created by Greeneum. Greenum is a global, decentralized network that

Ontology Officially Releases Open Source Projects Marking the Debut of the Ontology Developer Community

2 months ago

Ontology, a new generation public blockchain infrastructure project and a distributed trust collaboration platform, officially announced the release of its first open source projects on

Advanced Technological Ecosystem Focused on Health and Longevity Comes to the Blockchain

2 months ago

Longevity United Inc, a healthy-living and fitness platform, is partnering with Eterly Inc,  the first longevity-focused mobile health app backed by real science, to offer

FintruX Receives $25 million in Funding to Build Blockchain Based Platform that Improves the P2P Loan Experience

2 months ago

FintruX Pte Ltd is a blockchain startup based in Singapore backed by tech experts Robocoder Corporation. FintruX’s main goal is to build a global P2P

ALGORBLOCK: The End of School. The Start of Education.

2 months ago

Social development is trending toward resource sharing and open community collaboration, making the marriage between blockchain technology and education an enviable fate. An increasing number

Start-up Company ARTiFACTS has Introduced the World’s First Blockchain-Based Platform for Scholarly Research

2 months ago

ARTiFACTS a Cambridge, MA-based start-up has introduced the world’s first blockchain-based platform for scholarly research. Created by a team of academic publishing software veterans, the

Arizona Care Network will test a Game-Changing Blockchain Technology Platform Developed by Solve.Care

3 months ago

Arizona Care Network, a leading accountable care organization, will test  a game-changing Blockchain technology platform developed by Solve.Care, in the first partnership of its kind

HealthSpace Uses Blockchain for its Industry-leading Food Safety Platform

3 months ago

Solving this issues of hygiene in the food industry is actually quite complicated, thus the problem has spawned an entire industry called healthtech. In America