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EnLight: A Platform for a More Intelligent World

1 day ago

enLight® delivers smarter assets, valuable data and less expensive costs. For more than two decades the enLight core team has worked for clients across various

West Virginia Introduces a Blockchain-Based Mobile Voting App

2 weeks ago

If you’re from West Virginia, serving in the military, and you happen to be stationed abroad during the upcoming mid-term elections in the United States

A New Online Platform Could Help Gig Economy Workers Secure Benefits

1 month ago

The National Domestic Workers Alliance (NDWA), an organization aimed at supporting domestic workers, is using an online platform to help gig workers secure benefits, including

Eticket Launches the Et4 Blockchain Platform

2 months ago

Eticket, the developer of the p2p-platform for ticket sales Eticket4.com, has now launched the Et4 blockchain platform, where everyone can buy and sell tickets using

DLive The World’s First Blockchain Streaming Platform is Launching on Android

2 months ago

DLive, the world’s first and biggest streaming platform on the blockchain, announced that it’s launching on Android and is available for download on Google Play

HSBlox Launches Advanced Referral Manager Program to Improve the Healthcare Industry

2 months ago

HSBlox, a technology company that is bringing innovation and transparent economics to the healthcare ecosystem has recently announced the start of their Advanced Referral Manager

Fry Egg, A Blockchain Based Fitness Platform Explodes onto the Crypto Market

4 months ago

20-year-old CEO, Tristan Chaudhry, has successfully launched his first company, which has already done well in the cryptocurrency market today. His unique brand, Fry Egg,

Greeneum Creates the First Blockchain-Powered Sustainable, Scalable and Secure Energy and Data Trading Platform

4 months ago

The world’s first blockchain-powered sustainable, scalable and secure energy and data trading platform has been created by Greeneum. Greenum is a global, decentralized network that

Ontology Officially Releases Open Source Projects Marking the Debut of the Ontology Developer Community

5 months ago

Ontology, a new generation public blockchain infrastructure project and a distributed trust collaboration platform, officially announced the release of its first open source projects on

Advanced Technological Ecosystem Focused on Health and Longevity Comes to the Blockchain

5 months ago

Longevity United Inc, a healthy-living and fitness platform, is partnering with Eterly Inc,  the first longevity-focused mobile health app backed by real science, to offer

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