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New Research Looks into Why Saturn has Moons that Look Like Ravioli

3 days ago

Some of our solar system’s moons have plumes of water shooting into space, while some are the tiny remainders of a past collision, and others

Researchers Reversed Symptoms of Alzheimer’s Disease in Fruit Flies

1 week ago

By altering the production of certain enzymes researchers have reversed symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease in fruit flies. This discovery may help to further explore epigenetics

Researchers Use AI to Create the First Complete 3D Model of a Human Cell

1 week ago

Modern medicine has seen many great advances. We have scans, stains, and microscopes that allow us to see how the body is working. However, seeing

New Research Shows Promise for Studying Jupiter’s Moon Europa in More Detail

1 week ago

For twenty years, Jupiter’s moon Europa has been seen as one of the most intriguing places in the solar system. Scientists believe its icy surface

New Research Shows Other Universes May be Able to Support Life

1 week ago

The multiverse is an idea that our universe is just one of many and it has long intrigued scientists, fiction writers and philosophical thinkers alike.

New Research Sheds Light on What Will Happen When Our Sun Dies

2 weeks ago

Our sun will die in approximately 10 billion years, however scientists have been unable to predict exactly what will happen next. Many researchers believe that

New Research Highlights Key Metabolic Mechanism To Help Control Obesity and Diabetes

2 weeks ago

In the days where meals were unpredictable and famine was common storing fat in our bodies was essential to survival. However, in today’s world the

Scientists Develop a New CRISPR Tool that Allows Researchers to Watch CRISPR

4 weeks ago

CRISPR-Cas9, the incredible gene-editing tool is a single technology that can help kill superbugs, slow cancer’s growth, and potentially end world hunger. Currently a team

Researchers May Have Discovered the Darkest Planet Ever Found

1 month ago

Researchers have discovered a hot Jupiter-class planet called WASP-104b, which they believe might be the darkest planet ever found. Cloaked in a haze that absorbs

New Research Could Explain How Mars’ Moons Formed

1 month ago

Phobos and Deimos meaning “fear” and “terror” in ancient Greek are the names of Mars’ two tiny moons. But seeing as the origins of these

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