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Researchers Synthesize Specific Molecules to be Used as Highly Secure Passwords

3 weeks ago

Digital security will always be limited by the strength of the passwords we (or our computers) can think up. When it comes to things that

Researchers Image Hidden Process Inside Brain During Learning

1 month ago

When our brains learn new things there is a hidden biological process that occurs. Now, researchers at Thomas Jefferson University have managed to capture that

Researchers Dissect Mysterious Gases Emerging from Two Supermassive Black Holes

1 month ago

Mysterious gases coming out of two supermassive black holes on the verge of collision in galaxy NGC 6240 has now been “dissected” by researchers for

Researchers Develop Artificial Mole that Could Serve As Early Cancer Detection

1 month ago

A research team has developed an artificial mole that functions as an early warning sign of the four most common types of cancer (prostate, lung,

Researchers Aim to Turn Carbon Dioxide Found in Mars’ Atmosphere into Oxygen for Future Astronauts

1 month ago

Mars’ atmosphere is almost entirely composed of carbon dioxide, which makes up a very small fraction of a percentage of the air we breath here

Researchers Map Out Best Locations to Start Colonies on Mars

2 months ago

The foundation of colonizing Mars is built on being able to have food and shelter that lasts in harsh environments. Of course, that’s no easy

Researchers at Harvard University Give Robots a Sense of Touch

3 months ago

Robots come in many shapes and sizes. They can look rather  mechanical, like this underwater ROVs; or they can look surprisingly organic, such as, the

Researchers Discover Evidence of the Oldest Suns in the Known Universe

3 months ago

Researchers have published a paper in Nature, detailing how they used a compact radio antenna 10 years in the making, to uncover evidence of the

Researchers Produce Electricity out of Thin Air Thanks to New Thermal Resonator

3 months ago

The air that surrounds us is constantly heating up and cooling down, even if we don’t realize it. Thus, scientists at MIT have decided to 

A New Blood Based Fetal Genetic Test has been Invented by Researchers from Beijing

3 months ago

Prenatal testing ranges from routine screenings to very specific panels used to detect the overall health of the developing fetus, and assess risks for a