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Researchers from the University of Zurich Find a Way to Grow Crops in Space

3 days ago

The future of society will most likely take place off-Earth, primarily due to climate change. However, to build a viable colony anywhere outside of Earth’s

German Researchers Use Light to Stimulate Cochlear Neurons in a Way that can Improve Cochlear Implants

3 months ago

A cochlear implant can be life-changing for millions of people with hearing impairment. These electronic devices can bypass the damaged part of a person’s ear, translating sounds

800 Crescent-Shaped Pits Found on Mars Could Help Researchers Learn More about the Red Planet

3 months ago

Approximately 800 crescent-shaped pits have been found on Mars. They are the imprints of long-gone ancient sand dunes that once rose high above the Red

International Researchers Locate the Last of the Universe’s Missing Ordinary Matter

4 months ago

The last of the universe’s missing ordinary matter has now been located by a team of international researchers. This finding finally answers a long-standing question

Swiss Researchers Create Artificial Bone Marrow

4 months ago

Did you know each drop of blood in your body starts in the same place? In fact, it starts in your bone marrow, the tissue

New Imaging Technique Allows Researchers to Capture and Magnify the Effect of the Heartbeat on the Brain

5 months ago

Your heartbeat sends blood pulsing through the vessels of your body about every second or so. You can feel the impact throughout the entire body

Researchers Synthesize Specific Molecules to be Used as Highly Secure Passwords

6 months ago

Digital security will always be limited by the strength of the passwords we (or our computers) can think up. When it comes to things that

Researchers Image Hidden Process Inside Brain During Learning

6 months ago

When our brains learn new things there is a hidden biological process that occurs. Now, researchers at Thomas Jefferson University have managed to capture that

Researchers Dissect Mysterious Gases Emerging from Two Supermassive Black Holes

6 months ago

Mysterious gases coming out of two supermassive black holes on the verge of collision in galaxy NGC 6240 has now been “dissected” by researchers for

Researchers Develop Artificial Mole that Could Serve As Early Cancer Detection

6 months ago

A research team has developed an artificial mole that functions as an early warning sign of the four most common types of cancer (prostate, lung,

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