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Meet the self-teaching Robot DyRET

2 days ago

Although it doesn’t have a head, a robot from a University of Oslo research group is astonishingly life-like. Dubbed DyRET, this quadruped teaches itself how

Meet RoboPin, a Talking, Dancing Robot

1 week ago

RoboPin, a talking and dancing robot created by Japanese technology company Fujitsu, could one day greet you at the supermarket and provide advice on what

A Trio of Japanese Firms Have Developed a Transformer Robot

4 weeks ago

A trio of Japanese firms have developed a prototype called J-deite Ride, which is a 12-foot tall Japanese humanoid robot that can reconstruct into a

Japanese Engineer Designs 28 Foot Tall Robot that Can Be Controlled By Humans

1 month ago

A Japanese engineer designed a robot that is 28 feet tall and weighs over seven tons. It is modeled after robots featured in his favorite

NASA Reveals Plans for a Shapeshifting Robot to Explore Saturn’s Largest Moon

2 months ago

NASA has revealed plans for a shapeshifting robot to explore Titan, Saturn’s largest moon. The robot would be able to both fly and swim while

Robot Bees Could be the Next Best Way to Study Mars

2 months ago

NASA has been using its Mars rover to try and map the red planet. However, using a 3,893 kg (8,583 lb) rover is slow, unwieldy,

New Robot Fish Could Better Study Marine Life

2 months ago

As a way to get closer to underwater creatures without bothering them scientists have built a fish robot that swims like a real one. Aided

Meet the New Dancing Robot

2 months ago

The team at ETH Zurich’s Department of Mechanical and Process Engineering have developed a robot, a quadrupedal bot dubbed the ANYmal, with the ability to

Facebook Patents New Mobile Photo Taking Robot

2 months ago

In order to get in on the photo-taking game currently being run by tech giants like Instagram and Snapchat, Facebook recently received a new patent

A New Laser-Equipped Robot Could Transform the Garment Industry

2 months ago

How does a clothing company keep up with the latest fashion trends while keeping up with the current shift to eco-friendly work? A laser-equipped robot

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