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A Robot Chemist Could Transform the Way New Molecules are Found

4 weeks ago

By employing machine learning techniques scientists have engineered a robot chemist that could transform the way new molecules are found. Finding new molecules may help

Versius, the World’s Smallest Surgical Robot Could be Assisting Surgeons in the United Kingdom by End of 2018

1 month ago

Developed by CMR Surgical, the robot is basically three robotic arms attached to a mobile unit approximately the size of a barstool, as per a

Meet DRAGON the Shape Shifting Robot

1 month ago

The University of Tokyo’s JSK Lab has built a flying robot dubbed DRAGON, an acronym that stands for Dual-rotor embedded multilink Robot with the Ability

New Burger-Flipping Robot Set to Debut in San Francisco Restaurant Creator

1 month ago

Next week Silicon Valley CEO Angelo Vardakostas and mechanical engineer Steven Frehn will launch their classy burger joint called Creator in San Francisco where a

A New Swiss Robot Could Reduce the Amounts of Pesticides Used in Farming

3 months ago

A new Swiss weeding robot has been created by ecoRobotics. The machine rolls around on four legs identifying weeds and targeting them with precise jets

Meet the self-teaching Robot DyRET

3 months ago

Although it doesn’t have a head, a robot from a University of Oslo research group is astonishingly life-like. Dubbed DyRET, this quadruped teaches itself how

Meet RoboPin, a Talking, Dancing Robot

3 months ago

RoboPin, a talking and dancing robot created by Japanese technology company Fujitsu, could one day greet you at the supermarket and provide advice on what

A Trio of Japanese Firms Have Developed a Transformer Robot

4 months ago

A trio of Japanese firms have developed a prototype called J-deite Ride, which is a 12-foot tall Japanese humanoid robot that can reconstruct into a

Japanese Engineer Designs 28 Foot Tall Robot that Can Be Controlled By Humans

4 months ago

A Japanese engineer designed a robot that is 28 feet tall and weighs over seven tons. It is modeled after robots featured in his favorite

NASA Reveals Plans for a Shapeshifting Robot to Explore Saturn’s Largest Moon

4 months ago

NASA has revealed plans for a shapeshifting robot to explore Titan, Saturn’s largest moon. The robot would be able to both fly and swim while

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