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JAXA Believes Real-World Avatars will Transform the Exploration of Space

3 months ago

For most of history, space has been inaccessible due to its extreme environment. However, JAXA, the Japanese space agency believes that real-world Avatars will transform

New Bio-Mimicking Robot Sheds Light on the Way Insects Fly

3 months ago

When it comes to robot research, the animal kingdom often serves as inspiration. Now, a new bio-mimicking robot addresses one of nature’s most annoying pests

Australia’s Autonomous Underwater Drone Will Help Protect the Great Barrier Reef

3 months ago

After many years of development and testing, Australian researchers are getting ready to roll out an autonomous underwater drone engineered to help protect the Great

Could Robot Bees Help Pollinate our Plants?

3 months ago

The populations of honeybees are decreasing at an alarming rate, posing a major threat to agriculture, the economy, and basically life as we know it.

Rollin’ Justin the German-Engineered Robot Could Further Deep Space Missions

3 months ago

Thanks to a new robotics system an astronaut aboard the International Space Station (ISS) was able to stroll around the Earth by proxy. Alexander Gerst,

A Robot Chemist Could Transform the Way New Molecules are Found

5 months ago

By employing machine learning techniques scientists have engineered a robot chemist that could transform the way new molecules are found. Finding new molecules may help

Versius, the World’s Smallest Surgical Robot Could be Assisting Surgeons in the United Kingdom by End of 2018

5 months ago

Developed by CMR Surgical, the robot is basically three robotic arms attached to a mobile unit approximately the size of a barstool, as per a

Meet DRAGON the Shape Shifting Robot

5 months ago

The University of Tokyo’s JSK Lab has built a flying robot dubbed DRAGON, an acronym that stands for Dual-rotor embedded multilink Robot with the Ability

New Burger-Flipping Robot Set to Debut in San Francisco Restaurant Creator

6 months ago

Next week Silicon Valley CEO Angelo Vardakostas and mechanical engineer Steven Frehn will launch their classy burger joint called Creator in San Francisco where a

A New Swiss Robot Could Reduce the Amounts of Pesticides Used in Farming

7 months ago

A new Swiss weeding robot has been created by ecoRobotics. The machine rolls around on four legs identifying weeds and targeting them with precise jets

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