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Swiss Engineers Invent Faux Nerves for Robots

3 months ago

Although there are robots who can run faster than us, and robots who can dive deep underwater without ever needing to come up for air,

Robotics Company, Boston Dynamics, Releases 2 New Videos

3 months ago

Boston Dynamics, the US. robotics company has published new videos showing two of its creations in action. The jumping humanoid Atlas and the doglike SpotMini

How Construction Robots Will Actually Help Japan

4 months ago

When it comes to workplace automation many people fear machines will replace their jobs. However, Japan is now experiencing the opposite issue where they don’t

A Team of Engineers Enable Industrial Robots to Build Ikea Furniture

4 months ago

According to a study published recently in the journal Science Robotics, a group of engineers at Nanyang Technological Institute in Singapore were able to program

Robots in Real Life are Actually Cooler Than in Movies

5 months ago

Pacific Rim: Uprising one of the most popular movies in the U.S. right now is about how humans must pilot enormous robots, called Jaegers, to

SpotMini and Jeff Bezos Pal Around at Mars 2018 Conference

5 months ago

Jeff Bezos, the world’s richest man thanks to the fact that he founded Amazon, has made his fortune off automating our lives. From digital assistants

Walmart Just Filed a Patent for Robot Bees

5 months ago

Walmart has just filed a patent that specifically covers “pollination drones,” also known as autonomous, robot bees. Although, it might be hard to believe that

Star Wars Serves as Inspiration for Real Life Space Robots

5 months ago

When it comes to robots they are very helpful for astronauts. From the crew aboard the International Space Station (ISS) to future recruits on missions

A Detailed Map of Marine Microbes Will be Created by Underwater Robots

5 months ago

Ocean microbes are nearly invisible, ubiquitous throughout the world, and generate at least fifty percent of the oxygen in our atmosphere while simultaneously removing much

Researchers at Harvard University Give Robots a Sense of Touch

6 months ago

Robots come in many shapes and sizes. They can look rather  mechanical, like this underwater ROVs; or they can look surprisingly organic, such as, the

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