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Scientists Contemplate Building a Spacecraft That Could Leave the Borders of our Solar System

18 hours ago

The only object created by humans to arguably cross the bounds of our solar system is Voyager 1. However, that spacecraft took three and a

Juno Spacecraft Captures Stunning New Image of Jupiter

18 hours ago

On April 1st the Juno spacecraft was soaring away from Jupiter, completing the 12th of its close skims over the giant planet. Luckily, as it

Why Sleeping in on Weekends Is Good for Your Health

18 hours ago

An expanding body of research is shedding light on the importance of getting a good night’s sleep, with many studies showing that a chronic lack

New Study Explains Why Birds Don’t have Teeth

18 hours ago

Although we know birds don’t have teeth, experts are actually still unclear as to the reason why. But now, a new study puts forth an

 An International Team of Scientists Will Be using eDNA to Sample the Waters of Loch Ness

2 days ago

For decades people have been fascinated with the idea of a large lake monster living in Scotland’s Loch Ness but no hard evidence has ever

Nanoparticles Made of Tea Leaves Destroyed 80 Percent of Cancer Cells in New Study

3 days ago

In a recent study, scientists from Wales and India used tea leaves to make nanoparticles which destroyed up to 80 percent of lung cancer cells.

Scientists May have Unlocked One Secret Behind the Behavior of Water

1 week ago

Although water is one of the most crucial elements for us humans, scientists still don’t understand why it expands as it cools, why hot water

A New Molecule Might Cure the Common Cold

1 week ago

In a bid to cure the common cold, researchers at Imperial College London (ICL) have produced a new molecule that doesn’t target cold symptoms or

3 Big Questions Raised from the Discovery of Europa’s Plumes

1 week ago

Earlier this week scientists confirmed that Jupiter’s moon Europa is shooting liquid out into space. They had used 20-year-old data to assert this. It’s an

Researchers Reversed Symptoms of Alzheimer’s Disease in Fruit Flies

1 week ago

By altering the production of certain enzymes researchers have reversed symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease in fruit flies. This discovery may help to further explore epigenetics

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