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The Large Stratolaunch Aircraft just Reached a New Milestone

44 mins ago

The large Stratolaunch aircraft just reached a new milestone after completing low-speed taxi testing earlier in 2018. Now the Stratolaunch has reached 90 mph (145

The Chandra X-ray Observatory is Almost Fixed

1 hour ago

The Chandra X-ray Observatory has been observing the skies in high-energy light since 1999 However, on October 10th, an unruly orientation-maintaining gyroscope sent Chandra into

Scientists Release a Detailed 3D Map of Dark Matter

3 weeks ago

Dark matter is a large quantity of matter that exists in the universe that we can’t directly see, but scientists know it’s there. How? Because

Experts Identify 4 Star Candidates for Oumuamua’s Potential Home

3 weeks ago

Not long ago a mysterious celestial object called ‘Oumuamua was discovered by astronomers. Ever since then they have been working to determine where it came

A New Kind of Bluetooth Headset

4 weeks ago

Do you love Bluetooth technology? Then get ready for a new kind of headset! The U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) just signed a deal to

Earth-Tracking Satellite to Measure the Impact of Global Warming

1 month ago

The final launch of a Delta II rocket was victorious this past weekend, which sent an Earth-tracking satellite built in Arizona into space to assist

Blockchain Technology is Helping Safeguard Fresh Water in Atlantic Canada

1 month ago

Community-based monitoring is now being coupled with the security of blockchain technology in Atlantic Canada as a way to safeguard the health of freshwater. In

NASA Plans to Launch the Lunar Orbital Platform Gateway

1 month ago

The Lunar Orbital Platform Gateway is a space station that will be orbiting around the Moon, and NASA is currently in the process of building

Robots Alone Probably Won’t Find Life on Mars

1 month ago

When the Senate subcommittee asked for reasons why they should send crewed missions to Mars. Ellen Stofan, NASA’s former chief scientist who now leads the

New Bio-Mimicking Robot Sheds Light on the Way Insects Fly

1 month ago

When it comes to robot research, the animal kingdom often serves as inspiration. Now, a new bio-mimicking robot addresses one of nature’s most annoying pests

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