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The American Geophysical Union Begins their Fall Meeting in Washington Today

5 days ago

Today, The American Geophysical Union begins their one-week fall meeting in Washington, which includes remarks from NASA officials and a variety of space panel discussions.

Genevan Researchers Observe Exoplanet Inflate Like a Balloon

1 week ago

Helium is a rare element on Earth but abundant in the Universe. After hydrogen, it is the main component of stars and gaseous giant planets.

NASA’s Probes to Shed Light on Long Standing Cosmic Mysteries

1 week ago

On Monday an NASA’s asteroid-mining mission, the OSIRIS-REx probe officially arrived at Bennu, the 500-meter-wide asteroid. The spacecraft will spend months here, then descend to

Mars InSight Lander Snaps Photo of its Own Robotic Arm

1 week ago

On November 30th, NASA’s newest Mars explorer captured a photo of its own robotic arm standing upright against a ruddy-brown sky. This came only four

36,000 Worms Will Launch Into Space for an Experiment on Muscle Mass

2 weeks ago

Tomorrow, Dec 4, 36,000 worms will launch into space. If all goes according to plan, 2 to 3 million worms will come back to Earth.

Is a Lunar Base Better than the Proposed Lunar Orbital Gateway?

2 weeks ago

Craig Davidson (presented by Zubrin) authored a paper on why a lunar base is better than the proposed Lunar Orbital Platform-Gateway (LOP-G) for the advancement

China Unveils a Conceptual Design Report for their Next-Generation Particle Collider

2 weeks ago

China has unveiled a Conceptual Design Report (CDR) marking the next stage of their plans to develop a next-generation particle collider. Geoffrey Taylor from Australia’s

Space Lab Startups Represent the New Frontier of Space exploration and Research

3 weeks ago

Israel is home to a startup known as SpacePharma. One of many private autonomous “space labs” performing experiments for paying clients such as pharmaceutical firms,

The ESA Would Like to Keep Working with the UK Space Program

3 weeks ago

In a short visit to Athens, Greece, Jan Worner, ESA Director General started his speech by saying that it might come as a surprise to

Researchers Find 5 Strains of the Bacterium Enterobacter from Areas On Board the ISS

3 weeks ago

Researchers have discovered five strains of the bacterium Enterobacter from areas aboard the International Space Station (ISS). They are now calling for further careful research

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