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Tiny Bean Bot Experiment Could Help Scientists Learn More About How Bacteria Behaves

18 hours ago

A team of French physicists decided to try out a fun experiment. They put a bunch of tiny little jumping bean-like robots in a room

Scientists May Have Detected Up to 6 Dark Galaxies

18 hours ago

Scientists may have detected up to six “dark galaxies,” a discovery that could help solve the mystery of how stars and galaxies are formed. Dark

Scientists Believe they Have Discovered an Asteroid Born Outside our Solar System

2 days ago

In a world first, scientists think they have spotted an asteroid born outside our solar system that journeyed into our neighbourhood and got stuck. This

 An International Team of Scientists Will Be using eDNA to Sample the Waters of Loch Ness

2 days ago

For decades people have been fascinated with the idea of a large lake monster living in Scotland’s Loch Ness but no hard evidence has ever

Scientists Created Lab Mice With a Mutation That Protected Them From Alzheimer’s Disease

4 days ago

Scientists created lab mice with a mutation that protected them from Alzheimer’s disease. The mutation lessened their buildup of amyloid-beta, a molecule that can accumulate

Scientists Discover Distant Object With Strange Orbit, Bolsters Evidence for Planet Nine

1 week ago

In 2016, scientists from the California Institute of Technology (Caltech) discovered evidence to suggest that a planet larger than Earth could be hiding beyond the

A Team of Japanese Scientists is Working to Make Rovers that Will Build Shelter on the Moon

1 week ago

A team of Japanese scientists is working to make rovers that will build shelter on the Moon for the first human colonizers to inhabit. They

Scientists Might Have Discovered an Important Clue to the Mystery of How Life on Earth Began

1 week ago

In the warm acidic waters at Yellowstone National Park, scientists believe they might have discovered an important clue to the mystery of how life on

U.S. scientists To Start a Monumental Experiment to Find Dark Matter Particles

1 week ago

One of the most puzzling parts of physics is dark matter. A majority of experts agree that it likely exists but no one has any

Scientists Plug a Gap in the Crocodile Family Tree by Studying a 180-Million-Year-Old Fossil

1 week ago

Scientists have been able to plug a gap in the crocodile family tree by studying a 180-million-year-old fossil and realizing it’s actually a member of

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